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Hi Loves,

In beauty/makeup genre, Google has most hits for Mac lipstick dupes. When I didn’t own any high-end lipsticks, I used to spend hours on internet looking for affordable dupes for high-end makeup. Mac Flat Out Fabulous had been on my To-buy list for more than two years but honestly, spending 15.50 pounds on just one lipstick was kind of insane! I always wanted some blogs or platform where I could find cheaper alternative for this rare or infamous shade.

I saw on Pinterest that the Milani Color statement matte Orchid is very close dupe for this lipstick. But getting my hands on Milani lipsticks was really tough in England. I kept mixing several shades of this color family to achieve a shade close to Mac flat out fabulous 🙂 🙂 I will not recommend doing this when you are in a hurry or for special occasions. I prefer using just one lipstick and bam get out of the door! So, finally I purchased Flat out fabulous from Delhi Duty free on Indira Gandhi International Airport while travelling to London (TMI) 😛 But I still wanted to find a cheaper and more accessible alternative for those who don’t have this beautiful lipstick..I tell you, it looks gorgeous on all skin tones!

loreal glamor fuchsia

Recently I came across L’Oreal Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick in Glamor Fuchsia on Amazon UK and told my dear husband how badly I wanted such shade..so to my surprize, dear husband actually ordered it for me (he doesn’t order makeup by the way). He is being very supportive re my blogging hobby. Love him so much!

So, the lipstick arrived just in 4 days and OMG it is so close to my Mac Flat out fabulous that if you wear it on your lips, you can’t tell if its not Mac. This is such a gorgeous shade..I am totally loving it. The best part is L’oreal one is more comfortable on lips and does not dry them out while Mac one is li’l bit too drying for me. I love how comfortable the new matte lipsticks in market are! The formula is so much better than traditional matte lipsticks.

mac and loreal swatch


Both Mac and L’oreal ones are long lasting so definitely my picks for special occasions. The shade looks amazing all round the year be it spring/summer or winters. My mum liked Flat out fabulous so much when I was wearing it on my sis’ wedding. She does not spend much on her lipsticks so I would definitely give her my Mac Flat out Fabulous and keep L’oreal one for myself 🙂

The color on the bullet looks different than the color which appears on swatch. However, the color thats visible on the packaging is close to the swatch.

Matte lipsticks are definitely so much in trend. I am so happy with this lipstick that I would try other shades from this range..would definitely recommend you guys to check this range from L’oreal.

What do you think about newer matte formulas? Are there any of your favourite high-end lipsticks that are difficult to find dupes for? Comment down below and let me know your thoughts 🙂

Lots of love , Akanksha (Ash) ♥♥♥


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