Anatomē Apothecary Wellness Range

Anatomē Apothecary improves modern lifestyles by supporting sleep, movement, focus, hormonal health, and creativity through plant-based formulations and wellness practices, drawing inspiration from historical apothecaries, which sold health and well-being treatments.

The new Sleep range has been re-formulated to address three key sleep issues. The sleep collections blend perfumery with aromatherapy, a science called aromachology, which harnesses the power of scent to improve sleep quality. The scents have been tuned to highlight the top notes of the oil blends, such as Somali Frankincense for Overactive Mind, Roman Chamomile for Restless Mind, and Cornish Lavender for Stressed Mind.

Anatomē Apothecary Wellness Range

I had the opportunity to try the following products from Anatomē Apothecary:

Anatomē Women’s Daily Wellbeing + Hormonal Support food supplement

This formulation, intended for women of all ages, contains Maca Root, Coenzyme Q10, and Vitamin B6 to promote hormonal balance. Along with a varied diet, this comprehensive blend contains essential nutrients for maintaining energy levels. Vitamins B2 and B12 relieve fatigue, while Vitamin C and Iron strengthen the immune system. Biotin enhances hair, skin, and nail health, while zinc improves bone health and cognitive function. Iron promotes red blood cell production and oxygen delivery, which contributes to energy metabolism. Peruvian Maca Root has been used in traditional medicine for decades, and scientific study suggests that it may boost energy, improve mood, and assist sexual function.

Anatomē Balance Wellbeing Parfum (New Launch)

Love at first sniff! This grounding scent keeps thoughts in the moment and supports stability during the week’s stress and tensions.

  • Top: Bergamot, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Saffron, May Chang.
  • Middle: Black Spruce, Damask Rose.
  • Base: Cedarwood.

The velvety aroma of Rose, Bergamot, Saffron, and Black Spruce taking you to the haven for emotional retreat, evoking feelings of security, comfort, and support.

Anatomē Overactive Mind Sensory Point Sleep Oil | Somali Frankincense

An aromatic blend of 16 essential oils designed to soothe overactive minds before bedtime, with a focus on Somali Frankincense. Its ethereal, dry perfume, with brilliant citrus notes and a peppery, resinous undertone, promotes deeper sleep by relaxing a hyperactive mind. Rich in terpenes, this perfume helps to reduce mind chatter and stressful nocturnal thoughts. When applied regularly right before bedtime, it builds an intentional association with rest.

Anatomē Pillow Spray Roman Chamomile

A soothing botanical mist for your linens, enriched with Roman Chamomile to promote restful sleep all night. This pillow spray is blended with up to 16 essential oils, which ease the mind and improve overall sleep quality.

These products exemplify Anatomē’s commitment to enhancing well-being through thoughtful formulations and aromatic experiences tailored to support various aspects of modern life. The Balance Eau de Parfum and the Overactive Mind Sleep Oil have become my favourite already. I’m taking the supplements daily as well, and I’ve been feeling good inside and out.

Anatomē Apothecary wellness range can be purchased from Anatomē, Selfridges, Anthropologie, and Naturisimo in the UK.

Until next time, Ashh xo

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