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SUQQU Multi Skin Protector 50 - Ms Tantrum Blog

If you want to keep your skin looking good for as long as possible, you must wear SPF 30 or ideally 50 every single day even when its not sunny outside. SPF products used to be very heavy, greasy and often left white cast on the face but not anymore. Beauty Industry has evolved and the formulations have changed to provide lightweight SPF without compromising on protection.

SUQQU – Premium Japanese Beauty Brand launched a Multi Skin Protector 50 recently which is essentially a moisturiser/day cream with SPF 50 protection. Aah we love multi-purpose products and anything that reduces the number of steps early mornings.

Ultra-thin, comfortable and truly soothing. Apply a protective veil to your skin. For mature women to use every morning, every day of the year.

SUQQU Multi Skin Protector 50 - Ms Tantrum Blog

Using cutting edge UV-scattering technology – Suqqu’s own unique innovation, this cream blocks UVA, UVB as well as prevents particles in the air from sticking to the skin. Although SPF 50+, it is thin, translucent and so comfortable to wear.

SUQQU Urban Prism COllection - UK Exclusive Summer 2019 collection - ms tantrum blog

It has a texture like a rich skin cream, and exudes a truly pleasing fragrance. The cream feels so good on the skin and it smells very good too – almost like CHANEL.

SUQQU Multi Skin Protector 50 - Ms Tantrum Blog
SUQQU Multi Skin Protector 50 – Lightweight Day Cream
SUQQU Multi Skin Protector 50 - Ms Tantrum Blog
SUQQU Multi Skin Protector 50 – Lightweight Day cream blended – Gives soft radiance to the skin.
SUQQU Multi Skin Protector 50 - Ms Tantrum Blog

Say goodbye to heavy SPF creams that left white residue with this under make-up protector that uses UV scattering technology to combat environmental aggressors without drying out your skin. The nourishing formula is infused with bilberry leaf, green tea and water-soluble collagen to give a fresh, glowy finish whilst protecting your skin. This nourishing day cream applies seamlessly under makeup and you won’t feel you are wearing an SPF – it is just weightless!

If you’re looking for a good day cream that is rich enough to nourish your skin and also provides protection from UVA, UVB and harmful particles, this is one to check out! It applies so well beneath makeup and is travel-friendly too.

SUQQU Multi Skin Protector 50 is available at SUQQU Counters by mail order or via Selfridges & Harrods (currently out of stock but will be available soon).

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  1. This sesms to be a wonderful day cream..specially because it provides sun protection also..would definetly try this double purpose cream.

  2. SPF 50 is needed one for Indian summer.
    Good that this product suited you.

  3. jenniferpickering22gmailcom

    1 May 2019 at 4:31 PM

    This sounds lovely!! I always wear SPF, even in the winter!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  4. This under make up cream with UV scattering technology is definitely something I would love to try out and it is going to be a huge hit too.

  5. Now that’s a great lightweight SPF product. It’s quite sunny here and I so much need to wear something that is not much greasy and also gives protection.

  6. SUQQU promises to be a nice and light day cream. Like the fact that it provides SPF 50 protection. Hope to give it a try this summer.

  7. Summers are harsh everywhere, A good sunscreen is such a must , so good to know about the new product

  8. Nourishing cream along with protection against harmful UV rays. This looks one stop solution for that. The light weight texture definitely makes it worth trying

  9. SPF is must in summers. This looks like a awesome product will give it a try sometime soon

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