Lush Bubblegum lip scrub

Lush lip scrub - bubblegum
Lush lip scrub – bubblegum

Hi Loves,

I had already shared my lipstick pick for this valentines so I thought sharing my favourite lip scrub would be a wonderful idea to avoid that flaky/dry/chapped lips on a date night. And this post should be up just before valentines so you can prep your lips for a wonderful kiss 😉

We all use various face scrubs but using a scrub on lips is equally essential to remove dead skin. I have always been a fan of LUSH products (specially their bath bombs and face masks) and ever since I moved to Milton Keynes, I have been a regular visitor to their MK store :). I bought this Bubblegum lip scrub -My boy lollipop last year and I am super happy with my purchase. This is just a quick fix for my lips…a short cut to get soft supple lips. I will keep this post short without talking non-sense 🙂


This product comes in glass pot with a plastic lid. The text font is just so nice and they use same font on all their products. The sticker on which name of product and ingredients etc is written wears off so quickly.


Lush products are always high quality and this scrub is no exception. This is handmade in UK with fresh ingredients. This has become my must have product even when I travel for more than a day. I never forget to use this scrub before applying my lipstick for a special event or when I do my skin care routine.


How to use

As per Lush UK website, you need to prep your lips with a buff and polish at the start of your make-up routine to ensure your lipstick glides on and stays put. Just apply with a clean finger, and let the exfoliating caster sugar and softening jojoba oil scrub away dead skin and infuse moisture to rejuvenate your smile. Bubblegum lip scrub won’t leave any greasy residue; just a sweet candy taste that you’ll enjoy licking off. Lip-smackingly good.

You need to apply a lip balm of your choice after scrubing your lips to make sure they retain moisture. I use my Bodyshop lip balm or organic coconut oil to keep my lips soft.

You need not wash, you can even wipe it with a soft muslin cloth or a tissue. According to website, this is a Vegan product and you can even eat this. But who likes to eat their dead



Like you can guess, its a scrub so it is grainy but not too harsh. This is a sugary scrub and tastes like candy floss. I don’t eat it but you know its flavour when u scrub your lips and its written on this pot as well.



The back of my Lush lip scrub pot says this product was made by Lukas on 28/09/15(B01) and Use by 26/11/16. Best Used Fresh. I like how they mention the name of their team member who made this.

Lush lip scrub - bubblegum

Quantity & Price

So, this little pot costs £5.50 for 25 gms of product in the UK which according to me is not much for a good quality lip scrub. We spend a lot on our face products then why not for our lips?

Lush Cosmetics are against animal testing and they buy their fresh ingredients from suppliers who are against animal testing too.

Rating 4/5

I would recommend you try this product out and let me know how you like it in the comments below. Have a happy valentines day and a great date night <3

Lots of love , Akanksha (Ash) ♥♥♥
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