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Atelier Colognes Gifts at Ms Tantrum Blog

Its going to be a gifting season soon and I want to introduce you to couple of incredible gifting options from Atelier Cologne. Atelier Cologne was established in 2009 and is the first Maison de Parfum creating Pure Perfumes inspired by the legendary Eau de Cologne. The founders, Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel, gave birth to a new olfactive family, “ Cologne Absolue ”.
For the first time, citruses are blended with the most precious natural raw materials for perfectly balanced creations and exceptional lasting power. Each Cologne Absolue tells the story of treasured emotions and powerful memories.

Colognes vs Cologne Absolue

Cologne is a citrus-based scent. As much as citrus essential oils are fresh, lively and elegant, they unfortunately are very volatile and tend not to last on the skin. After years of research, Atelier Colognes managed to create a unique formula that offers the same freshness, elegance, and transparency of a cologne, but with the exceptional long-lasting power of a Pure Perfume.

Each Cologne Absolue has an average oil concentration of 18%, unlike traditional Eau de Cologne, usually concentrated at 5% or less. This is why each Atelier Cologne creation can be described as “ Pure Perfume ”, the most prestigious family in the fragrance world.

Here are some of the gorgeous fragrant pieces I tried from the brand which also make great gift option for the upcoming holiday season.

Atelier Colognes Gifts at Ms Tantrum Blog

Atelier Colognes Gifts - Oud Jumeirah Candle at Ms Tantrum Blog

Each Atelier Cologne candle is a unique creation. Candles are made with the highest percentage of fragrance oils combined with a custom blend of the best waxes. Every scents require a specific composition of waxes to capture the true essence of each Cologne Absolue.

Nicknamed the city that never sleeps, Dubai is recognised for its swarming population and futuristic vision. Atelier Cologne pays homage to the coastal district – Jumeirah (a place where you can get some respite from the everyday hustle and bustle) – with its Oud Jumeirah candle. This aroma reflects the calm of the area with its spicy oud wood, earthy incense and luxurious saffron – perfect for encouraging siestas in the radiant sun.

Key Notes:

  • Oud Wood from Indonesia
  • Saffron from India
  • Incense from Somalia

The composition is not very complex but the aroma this candle has is just very posh and indulging.

  • Burn time approximately 60 hours
  • Handmade in France

Atelier Cologne Gift sets at Ms Tantrum Blog

Cologne Absolue gift sets (customized option available via Atelier Boutique Covent Garden, London)

Cologne Absolue gift sets come with a large cologne bottle and a travel spray, 30ml in its leather case housed in a Venetian blue gift box.

Clémentine California is a sunny composition built around Clementine from Italy: fruity, green, and sweet . This is a very popular fragrance from the brand.

Key Notes

  • Clementine from Italy
  • Star Anise from China
  • Vetiver from Haiti

The formula of this Cologne Absolue is made from 92% renewable natural origin ingredients of the highest quality. There is also a selection of unexpected notes, crafted scientifically, to achieve the signature creative balance of Maison de Parfum.

The fragrance has a fresh take on Grapefruit and Clementine. It has pretty great performance too. Its a great compliment-getter. Perfect for spring and summer time.

A sunny sparkling and juicy Cologne Absolue around a zesty tangy pomelo…

Key Ingredients/Notes

  • Pomelo from Florida
  • Mandarin from Italy
  • Vetiver from Haiti

The formula of this Cologne Absolue is made from 93% renewable natural origin ingredients of the highest quality. You may also expect a selection of unexpected notes, crafted scientifically, to achieve the signature creative balance of Maison de Parfum.

Atelier Cologne products are with 0% paraben, paraffinum liquidum, GMO, animal derived ingredients, colorants, sulfates.

Atelier Colognes Gifts - Vanilla Insensee at Ms Tantrum Blog

Atelier Vanille Insensée Cologne Absolue is my personal favourite. It is from Avant Garde Collection which is all about warm, audacious and unexpected notes. This is a very unique Vanilla scent I ever smelt and that’s due to a burst of crisp citrus notes with vanilla. The cologne has 15% concentration and star ingredients are:

  • Vanilla from Madagascar
  • Lime from Mexico
  • Oak Moss from Slovenia

Top Notes : Coriander, Lime & Citron

Heart Notes: Vetiver, Jasmine & Oak Moss

Base Notes: Vanilla, Oak & Amber

Coriander from Russia. Oakwood from England, Jasmine from Egypt, Cedrat from Italy, Vetiver from Haiti and Amber play supporting roles. This is very bright & sparkling vanilla which is refreshing, uplifting and is different in comparison to other vanilla scents you might have smelt. It is not usual sweet Vanilla. The vetiver notes calms the vanilla here and you can wear this fragrance anywhere. The fragrance is absolutely indulging and is perfect for any weather. The longevity is pretty impressive and though it is a vanilla scent, it will smell amazing on either .

Atelier Colognes are available at Covent Garden Boutique, Harrods, John Lewis & Partners, Selfridges, House of Fraser and FeelUnique in the UK.

These are my current favourite options from Atelier Cologne and they make great gifts for either gender. Below is my Christmas wishlist from Atelier Cologne and looking at the notes online, I think I would really enjoy the following too.

Atelier Cologne Wishlist

  • Rose Anonyme (Avant Garde Collection)
  • Cafe Tuberosa (Avant Garde Collection)
  • Emeraude Agar (Haute Couture Collection)

Have you tried any of the Atelier Colognes yet? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time

Ashh xo

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*This post features PR Samples. Opinions are my own – honest and unbiased! 


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    I just love candles so will be sure to try out the one from Indonesia. The fragrances can really brighten your day. Lovely!

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    The packaging of the candle is gorgeous!! All of these products sound so lovely!!

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