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Mugler Aura - Ms Tantrum Blog

Aura by Muglar is an original fragrance of fantasy: wild, oriental and intriguing. This fragrance unveils an untamed animalistic heart with a hypnotizing floral heart. It invites you to listen to your instincts, your intuitions and emotions.

An oriental botanical fragrance that radiates a wild blend of botanical freshness and feline sensuality.
Aura MUGLER is created around three distinctive and addictive hearts, an instinctive fragrance with vibrating and pulsating notes, a fragrance of vital energy that reveals the aura in every woman.

Mugler Aura - Ms Tantrum Blog
Mugler Aura - Ms Tantrum Blog

Bottle Design: The Aura MUGLER Eau de Parfum comes to life in an iconic bottle shaped like a universal symbol – the heart and is facetted like a gem. The mysterious emerald colour of the bottle is also the colour of life, luck, hope and intuition and the colour of harmony between body, soul and emotions. The bottle is refillable and makes a statement on vanity.


Top Notes

Bergamot, Rhubarb leaf

Middle Notes

Orange Blossom, Green Notes, Ylang Ylang, Pear

Base Notes

Bourbon Vanilla, Woody Notes, Amberwood, Sandalwood, Courmarin

I get sweet vanilla, woody, green accords from this fragrance. Projection is very impressive and longevity is moderate for me.

Mugler Aura - Ms Tantrum Blog

Final Thoughts: This is an illuminating green fragrance with a hint of sweetness. The fragrance transports you to a forest with fresh green tall dark trees. It gives you a bit of Eucalyptus vibes too. The advert for marketing of this fragrance appropriately describes how the fragrance smells like. It is a deep and rich fragrance but on a fresh side. Projection is pretty impressive. You will smell this even after hours. This is a perfect pick for spring and summer for those who like Green fragrances. If you’re not into green botanical compositions, this one may not impress you. Also, I want to mention that this fragrance is totally different from Thierry Mugler‘s other fragrances like Alien, Angel.

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Until next time, Ashh xo


  1. That case is amazing. It’s gorgeous and the fragrance seems that way, too .

  2. Love the bottle design.

  3. jenniferpickering22gmailcom

    1 July 2019 at 12:03 PM

    The packaging is absolutely gorgeous!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  4. That bottle is absolutely stunning~

  5. The packaging is so lovely!

  6. Wow thanks for this blog. I now know a bit of the jewel

  7. Wow that is such a stunning bottle! It would look so beautiful on the dressing table. The notes also appeal to me. I will definitely check this one out.

  8. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous.amd love that the green colour reflects its true fragrance.

  9. I love how you described teleportation ability of this edp. I simply fell in love with the bottle. It makes a strong statement.

  10. The Aura Mugler comes across as an enigmatic fragrance imbued with sensuality and raw nature. The bottle is indeed gorgeous and tempting enough by itself for people to buy the fragrance.

  11. Look at the packaging, love the green emerald diamond shaped bottle. I am a fan of light musky fragrances, this seems a right choice

  12. I really fall in love with the shape of bottle and the fragrance is just one of my fav..Thanks for sharing this here!!

  13. What an interesting, mysterious kind of packaging.. I would love to try because of its packaging, love green color

  14. Packaging is so classy nd luxurious, love the design of the bottle, nice post though

  15. The packaging is so amazing, I am so intrigued to try it

  16. Green fragrance with the hint of sweetness definitely brings fresh wipes all day long. The notes of Aura MUGLER definitely appeals to me.

  17. The bottle is so gorgeous, I can buy it just for the bottle! The fragrance seems great too! I love orange blossom!

  18. That is a gorgeous bottle! The colour is super beautiful! The fragrance seems amazing! Sandalwood, orange blossom, bergamot is a good combination!

  19. Wow, at first look I couldn’t believe it was a perfume bottle. Loved the design and the color. I’m not sure about the fragrance but I’ll get it for it’s packaging.

  20. The projection of this fragrance is so enticing! Im blown in by the look of it and the way you have explained the fragrance , wish to experience it !

  21. The Aura MUGLER Eau de Parfum sounds amazing.Orange blossams,vanilla rhubarb leaf sounds so fresh and pretty.Would love to try

  22. OMG the packaging of the fragrance is so attractive. I will buy one just to add in my collection.

  23. Such a great looking bottle. I love the sweet smell of eucalyptus and emerald green colour with that gorgeous design makes it completely exciting!

  24. This sounds so heavenly!!

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