Sensual Seduction with Roja Parfums Elixir

Roja parfums Elixir Pour Femme essence de parfum - Ms Tantrum Blog
Roja parfums Elixir Pour Femme essence de parfum - Ms Tantrum Blog

“Fragrance is like a magical elixir: Invisible, a single drop can transform you into a goddess. It has the power to make you feel irresistible, confident, and seductive – where anything is possible. This magical elixir exudes effortless sensuality – giving you the power to light up a room, to leave an impression, and to get what you want.” – ROJA DOVE.

I couldn’t agree more. Fragrances have power to uplift the mood and personality. Even if you dress up well but if you are not wearing a fragrance, you won’t feel ready or complete. Fragrances not only change your own mood but also affects others’ mood who are in that room. This fragrance in particular has the power to make you feel irresistible, confident and seductive. This fragrance leaves an impression which is why this is special!

About the Brand

Created By British Perfumer Roja Dove, Roja Parfums is widely recognised as the world’s most luxurious fragrance house.

Roja Dove is renowned for working with only the finest quality materials; from Rose de Mai, Jasmine de Grasse and natural Ambergris, all costing considerably more than pure gold, through to handmade, silk-lined boxes, and Swarovski encrusted, 24 carat gold coated caps, and candles with their fine fragrance grade oils mixed with the finest wax and painstakingly poured by hand, everything is made without compromise.

Each scent is made in England, and Roja Parfums is a true testament to the beauty of British perfumery.

Roja parfums Elixir Pour Femme essence de parfum - Ms Tantrum Blog

I have to mention that I have been following Perfumer Roja Dove’s interviews in media for few years now and wanted to try fragrances by him for the longest time. This is the first one in my collection and I am so pleased to receive this.

About the Fragrance

The nose behind the fragrance is British Perfumer Roja Dove and the fragrance was launched in early 2019. This is the newest release from the house of Roja Parfums.

Roja parfums Elixir Pour Femme essence de parfum - Ms Tantrum Blog
Roja parfums Elixir Pour Femme essence de parfum - Ms Tantrum Blog

Oh what a Beauty! The Elixir Essence comes in a peachy pink gradient glass bottle and a weighty gold cap with Perfumer Roja Dove’s Signature imprint on top as well as neck. The bottle looks feminine yet Bold and perfect as a center-piece on your vanity! The perfume bottle comes on a silk bed in a white gold card box – very chic and luxurious, just the way you expect from the house of Roja Parfums. Roja Parfums adds attention to detail and has the BEST packaging when it comes to Luxury fragrances.

Roja parfums Elixir Pour Femme essence de parfum - Ms Tantrum Blog
Roja parfums Elixir Pour Femme essence de parfum - Ms Tantrum Blog

Elixir Ingredients

Top Notes: Bergamot

Heart Notes: Lily of the Valley, Geranium, Rose de Mai, Jasmin de Grasse, Ylang Ylang, Heliotrope, Violet, RaspberryPeach

Base Notes: Violet Leaves, Cinnamon, Cedarwood, Casmir Wood, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Orris Sur Cèdre, Orris, Ambrette, Musk

Opening is beautiful and sparkling for me like a champagne and then a joyful bouquet of flowers specially Rose comes through in a soft delicate manner. Fruity notes give the airy quality to the fragrance and vanilla at dry-down gives the sweetness. Violet and Heliotrope gives the powdery impression while the precious woods add warmth to the fragrance.

Roja parfums Elixir Pour Femme essence de parfum - Ms Tantrum Blog

The composition is sophisticated, feminine but not fragile and will turn heads. The fragrance is light, airy and juicy at opening but it blossoms on the skin and adhers with a good longevity.

Sillage & Projection

Sillage and projection wise it is pretty powerful (not heady) for first 2 hours or so. It is noticeable by others and you get compliments which is great. Gradually it softens but still stays all day on skin and for many days on clothes.

Roja parfums Elixir Pour Femme essence de parfum - Ms Tantrum Blog

Overall thoughts

It is the concentration of Essence de parfum and has Oriental Floral vibe with dominant soft, romantic and delicate rose note. I also get a lot of peach from this fragrance. I wore it on valentines day and have been wanting to wear it everyday but it is a special occasion fragrance and you don’t want to waste casually.

The fragrance works really well on clothes as well. It lasts for days on my clothes so I like to spritz on my skin as well as my scarf , sweater or blouse.

If you want to invest in just one luxury fragrance, this romantic sensual fragrance will be a good choice. The sophisticated blend of this fragrance is rich and complex.

It conveys feminine vibe but is powerful at the same time. It works in any season and will be a compliment-getter for everyone (crowd-pleaser). The fragrance would be great for a Formal event when you have dressed up nicely. Perfect for Date nights and close encounters :).

Roja Parfums Elixir Essence Pour de Femme is available via Roja Parfums and Selfridges in the UK.

Until next time, Ashh xo

*This fragrance was very kindly gifted as a PR sample but opinions are my own and unbiased.


  1. jenniferpickering22gmailcom

    13 March 2019 at 1:29 PM

    The bottle is so gorgeous! I really want to try it and I love that it’s made in the UK!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Beautiful photos and I love the sound of this fragrance. After all who doesn’t want to smell like a Goddess 😍.

  3. This fragrance sounds beautiful. Gorgeous pictures. I would like to smell this one. Is it available at Selfridges London stores?

    1. Thank you lovely, yes it should be available in Selfridges London but if you are in London, you may actually visit Roja Parfums Boutique at Mayfair London :).

  4. Amazing and beautiful post. Elixir Roja Perfume sounds good. The packaging is so perfect. The fragrance is so peachy and pleasant. Great thoughts.

  5. This one sounds perfect for anyone. Im into fruity florals and think I would love it.

    1. I’m sure you will enjoy this peachy rose number!

  6. The new launch from this luxury fragrance house almost sounds like a magical bottle with lots of sensual and powerful mood setting aroma.

  7. Packaging of the fragrance looks amazing. I love fragrances would love to try Elixir Roja Perfume

  8. Wow, this perfume sounds really awesome and a must try. I love these kind of scents. Totally my type. Thanks for sharing.

  9. The way you have described the notes of the fragrance is immaculate. This perfume sounds perfect for day time.

    1. It can be worn both for day or night time. It is a powerful scent in a soft way!

  10. I love the bottle it looks so pretty and the fragrance as you described seems to be worth collecting in a luxury fragrance collection.

  11. The packaging looks beautiful. Indeed the fragrance define feminity grace. Perfect to wear on a romantic date

    1. Ah it is such a beautiful scent. Totally worth the investment x

  12. This sounds incredible! I loved knowing the story behind a fragrance.

    xoxo Christie

  13. This is so cool! I love perfume and so cool to know the story.

  14. Oh wow what a great post! This sounds soo incredible and the packaging is gorgeous.

  15. I bet this smells amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  16. So beautiful colors of the make up, definitely my shades and I want to smell this perfume mm.. i am perfume addict

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