Activate your glow with Caudalie | VineActiv Range

Caudalie VineActiv Range

Caudalie VineActiv Range

If there’s one skincare brand that I would shout out loud would definitely be Caudalie. Their products have never disappointed me and I keep repurchasing their products. Caudalie always lives upto its claims and that is why you keep seeing their products on my Instagram. Their new VineActiv* range got me excited most because this range is:

  • Anti-pollution
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Glow-activating

VineActiv range is designed for the woman on the go who is looking to maintain her healthy glow without her skin wearing her fast-paced lifestyle. By the age of 33 the skin’s elasticity is reduced by 10%, concentrations of Vitamin C and E drops by 30 to 40%, and with each passing day, the skin’s natural defense system is weakened by the struggles of our hectic lives. The skin cells ultimately ‘burn-out’, resulting in a dull complexion and increased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Caudalie VineActiv Range

Caudalie’s solution to the problem is the patented formula ‘The Anti-Cell Burnout Complex‘ which is a global protection system to defend the skin cells for immediate and long-lasting efficacy. The Anti-Cell Burnout Complex inside the VineActiv range activates natural cellular antioxidant defense production, and increases protection against antioxidant stress.

Its time for you to know how I am getting on with these in my skincare routine.

This serum combines the Anti Cell Burnout Complex with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to help visibly correct wrinkles. This is very light, has a thin consistency and is white in colour. This absorbs quickly into skin without leaving residue which I love about it. Being a busy mommy, I don’t like to wait longer for my products to sink in.

This serum decreases the degradation of skin by 80% and skin pigmentation by 100%.

I do have some pigmentation developed over time so I am using this religiously onto my skin. My skin is looking brighter with regular use. I see myself using this for couple more years until I pass the age limit of VineActiv range.

Caudalie VineActiv Range

This 3-in-1 moisturiser combines the Anti-Cell Burnout Complex with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid to plump and smooth the skin. The anti-pollution polysaccharides and soft focus mattifying powders create a natural veil on the skin.

This formulation limits the quantity of pollutant particles deposited on the skin, visibly smoothing wrinkles and restoring its natural healthy glow. Its velvety texture is light and suitable for all skin types.

This moisturiser doesn’t interfere with my makeup so I highly recommend trying this as this also provides 8 hours of anti-pollution protection.

This gentle, soothing cream visibly alleviates dark circles and smoothes the eye and lip contours, for a refreshed, energised look. The Anti-Cell Burnout Complex combined with lifting peptides and extracts of fern, for anti-puffiness, licorice extract and horse chestnut to combat dark circles.

Its texture penetrates easily to awaken the look and smooth lip contour.

I enjoy this eye cream as this has thin consistency yet very very moisturising. I can see noticeable difference to my dark circles and there is no puffiness what so ever. As this is a multipurpose cream for eyes and lips and even for any dry patches you might have, it makes it a fabulous product for travelling as well.

Caudalie VineActiv Range

This overnight detox oil effectively neutralises the toxins that pollute the skin cells. The 100% plant -based natural formula is rich in Omega 6, Vitamin E and six essential oils including grapeseed oil, carrot, lavender, white sandalwood, sweet almond, rose, musk, and neroli. This oil promotes cellular renewal and toxin elimination.

This dry oil is meant to renew & protect overtired skin while you sleep, This is ideal for skin exposed to stress, pollution, UV’s & other free radicals. This oil regenerates and detoxifies the skin and with regular use, it smooths out fine lines.

When I use this, I feel my skin looks less tired and smoother next morning. You only need 6 drops every night alone or before your moisturiser. This will last me so long. I love this and highly recommend trying this oil.

Caudalie VineActiv Range

This is just not it! From the press release, I got to know that Caudalie also offers VineActiv Facial Treatment which is also Anti-pollution and Glow Activating. This is an exceptionally rejuvenating treatment which is a rescue from pollution and the stress of daily life. This treatment provides a burst of Vitamins and Antioxidants for tired and damaged skin. The treatment includes a detoxifying and energising facial massage which activates blood and lymph circulation. I know Caudalie opened its first UK spa boutique in Covent Garden, London. I will definitely be visiting them next time I’m in London.

Caudalie VineActiv Range

Hope this post gave you a fair idea of the VineActiv range and how I feel about the products so far.

Until next time…

Ash xo

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Products in this post were sent to me as Gift but my opinions are genuine and unbiased.

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  2. I am all about glowy skin. Definitely going to pick these up from Cult Beauty.

  3. This range sounds interesting. Seems perfect for my late 20s skin.

  4. Love the props. This range sounds amazing.

  5. It sounds like such a lovely skincare range xx 💕

  6. The eye cream & serum are screaming at me to buy them! xx


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