Triggers for sensitive skin and ways to treat it

When it comes to skincare, you might have heard about different types of skin namely – normal, oily, combination, dry and sensitive. People with sensitive skin are often confused if they really have it or is it just sensitized due to some factors? Sensitive skin is skin that is more reactive than usual. It can be easily irritated by sun, heat, cold, pollution, hormones, lack of sleep, or topical products. Any skin type from oily to acne-prone, and dry to mature can get irritated or sensitive if its natural barrier is weakened or broken down by triggers. A person can be born with sensitive skin or can develop it over time. Heightened skin sensitivity could also signal an underlying skin condition such as eczema, or rosacea,

Types of Sensitive skin

  • Naturally Sensitive Skin
  • Environmentally Sensitive Skin
  • Reactive Skin
  • Mature Skin

Triggers for Sensitive Skin

  • Changing Seasons – Our skin struggles to adapt to changing temperatures and humidity levels. On high pollen days, those with sensitive skin should wear protective clothing and should stay inside as much as possible. Staying hydrated during the colder months is essential to keep skin sensitivity under control.
  • Biology – Our body’s physiological changes also play a huge role in our skin’s changes. Choosing age-appropriate skin care products is essential to ensure skin health.
  • Lifestyle – Our lifestyle, sleeping habits, eating, and drinking also affect our skin. Hectic schedules often take a toll on the skin. Stress is a contributing factor to how our skin looks. Regular exercise and healthy eating can really help balance our skin.
  • Topical Products – Sensitive skin has a fragile barrier and therefore requires a “less is more” approach. Those with sensitive skin should choose products free from known irritants such as alcohol, lanolin, fragrances, and colorants. One should also toss out any products that have been sitting around for too long.
  • Bedding– Use breathable fabrics for bedding and make sure to change your bedsheets and pillowcases regularly.

Which products are suitable for Sensitive Skin?

Anything that is heavily scented or contains dyes should be avoided by those with sensitive skin. One should also stay away from sulfates, exfoliants like glycolic, salicylic acid, and retinoids, and creams with multiple ingredients. There are certain brands like Bioderma, Avène that cater to fragile and sensitive skin. As a rule of thumb, the fewer the ingredients, the more suitable the product is for sensitive skin. sensitive skin prone to irritation, with a minimum number of ingredients used to provide a soothing skincare solution. Cica, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid are some of the ingredients that are best friends with fragile skin.

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