SUQQU’s Holiday Makeup Kits 2023

SUQQU Holiday Makeup Kit - RIKKA - That September Muse

Immerse yourself in the enchanting glimmers of frost with SUQQU’s Holiday Makeup Kits for the upcoming festive season. Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing allure of a Japanese snowy landscape, these kits are crafted with refined silver tones. The collection offers a variety of subtle and vibrant looks to gracefully enhance your beauty with its cool and stunning shades. The silver tone, radiant from various angles, adds a touch of both magnificence and tranquility, beautifully complementing other color tones.

SUQQU Holiday Makeup Kits
SUQQU Holiday Makeup Kit - RIKKA - That September Muse


The Holiday Makeup Kit RIKKA captivates with its exquisite luster, evoking the enchanting winter landscapes of Japan. Drawing inspiration from GINSEKAI (銀世界) – the ‘snow-covered world’ adorned with glistening silver, snow-clad mountains, frosted flowers, and icicles – this makeup kit beautifully encapsulates the magical essence of Japanese winter scenery. Now available, the Holiday Makeup Kit RIKKA features stunning blue-pink tones and silver sparkles. The holiday collection delights with its radiant silver accents reminiscent of the glistening layer of snow in the wintry landscapes of Japan. This holiday kit includes:

SUQQU Holiday Makeup Kit - RIKKA - Eyeshadow Palette 131- That September Muse
  • The SIGNATURE COLOR EYES 131 [exclusively featured in the Holiday Makeup Kit RIKKA – (Noble Gray × Fluffy Silver)] draws inspiration from the vision of radiant silver flowers gently dancing with tranquility. The interplay of sharp grey and light silver imparts a sophisticated and cool impression, complemented by the warmth of pink and the vivid brightness of blue. Reflecting the frozen landscapes of winter in Japan, this palette is meticulously crafted for seamless application. The holiday color scheme enables the creation of luminous eyes with a blendable and buildable color payoff. The beautiful shiny textures produce a multidimensional effect, the combination of vibrant and subtle tones contrasting with each other.
  • The NUANCE EYELINER 110 (ice grey) exudes a stylish demeanor with a touch of subdued blue. It creates a gentle blue-grey shade, imparting a subtle elegance to the eyes without overwhelming intensity.
  • DEWY LIQUID BLUSH 101 HANAIROHONOKA (Snowy Pink) offers a gentle and soft snowy pink hue. This color imparts a tender touch, reminiscent of a flower delicately adorned with snow.
SUQQU Holiday Makeup Kit - RIKKA - Signature Color Eyes 131 - That September Muse
SUQQU Holiday Makeup Kit - RIKKA Swatches - The Nuance Eyeliner 110 and the Dewy Liquid Blush 101 - That September Muse

Craft a captivating frosty smokey eye that captivates with multidimensional particles, capturing and reflecting light. The subdued blue-grey eyeliner subtly enhances the lash line, while the dewy liquid blush in the 101 snowy pink shade imparts a beautiful, smooth glow to the cheeks.


SUQQU’s renowned eyeshadow palettes capture the essence of a vivid, wintry landscape, complemented by versatile eyeliners for precise color application and a liquid blush boasting a refreshing, luminous texture and gentle hues.

  • SIGNATURE COLOR EYES 132 HOSHISAYURU (Star Gold × Diamond Silver) inspired by the image of diamond dust sparkling fantastically in the crystal-clear air. The purple shades give a fantastic feel, while luminous gold and modern silver create glamorous brilliance.
  • NUANCE EYELINER 111 (smoky Mauve) features a subdued mauve shade with a touch of blue, offering a gentle intensity. Its soft texture imparts a trendy appearance to the eyes.
  • DEWY LIQUID BLUSH 102 HIKARIUTSUSHI (Reflective Orange) presents a warm, reflective orange reminiscent of sunlight on snow. This hue harmonizes beautifully with colored makeup, elevating the overall look with a touch of sophistication.

The smoky mauve Nuance Eyeliner 111 and the delicate orange Dewy Liquid Blush 101 form a captivating duo, presenting a charming interplay of warm and cool tones. The purple hues in the Signature Color Eyes 132 palette evoke a fantastic atmosphere, while the luminous gold and contemporary silver elements contribute to a glamorous brilliance.

Explore a multitude of looks using these kits, with SUQQU showcasing creations by its Pro Makeup Artists on social media. Create a variety of lovely looks for the upcoming festive season. Choose SUQQU’s Holiday Makeup Kits for yourself or your loved one as a beautiful Holiday gift. These holiday kits are available from Selfridges, Harrods & Liberty in the UK.

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