SUQQU’s Blossom Beat Pre-Summer Colour Collection

Step into the vibrant world of SUQQU’s Blossom Beat Colour Collection, where the essence of a bustling flower market comes to life through an exquisite limited-edition range. Infused with lush hues and dewy freshness reminiscent of summer blooms, this collection exudes vibrant energy, promising to elevate your makeup routine with its colourful charm. From vivid shades to unique textures that seamlessly blend with every skin tone, prepare to immerse yourself in the most uplifting and colourful SUQQU experience yet.

Here are the products from the pre-summer collection:

  • SIGNATURE COLOR EYES 136 IROTABANE (Flourish Pink x Blooming Pink)
  • SIGNATURE COLOR EYES 137 HANAMATOME (Pansy Purple × Sweet Violet)
  • PURE COLOR BLUSH 148 AMATANKA (red blush & pink highlighter)
  • PURE COLOR BLUSH 149 KIRAMEKINOZOKI (brown blush & gold highlighter)
  • BLOOM EYE STICK 101 (Powder Lilac)
  • BLOOM EYE STICK 102 (Lime Yellow)

Immerse yourself in the essence of the PRE-SUMMER 2024 collection, capturing the vibrant spirit of the flower market in every shade for stunning early summer aesthetics. Explore a diverse array of textures and hues, allowing you to unleash your creativity and express yourself uniquely this season. Picture a blossoming flower adorned with intense, vivid petals, each one exuding its own allure and crisp vibrancy. This collection will help to enhance your natural beauty with bright tones for a fresh, intense early summer look.

Signature Color Eyes

Embrace the essence of early summer as you grace your eyes with an eyeshadow palette inspired by the invigorating breeze amidst blooming, vibrant flowers.

  • 136 IROTABANE (Flourish Pink x Blooming Pink): This pink-toned palette embodies the vibrant essence of the flower market. Despite its monochromatic nature, the interplay of colours with varied textures, brightness levels, and saturation yields captivating eyes brimming with depth and allure.
  • 137 HANAMATOME (Pansy Purple × Sweet Violet): A palette unified by a single tone of purple. Add shimmer with the coat colour and the deep shade to the gradation created by the two main colours reminiscent of lavender.

Bloom Eye Stick

Awaken your eyes with a flourish lilac and lime green tones of Blooming Eye Stick. This latest formula boasts a velvety texture akin to a crayon, effortlessly blendable, and is feather-light. It enables precise lining along the eye’s edge or seamless blending with fingertips for a layered effect.

  • 101 Powder Lilac: A vibrant yet subtle lilac shade that resembles eyeshadow crafted from delicate petals.
  • 102 Lime Yellow: A yellow-green inspired by the shade of leaves that accompany flowers.

These eyeshadow sticks, infused with invigorating hues, offer both softness and ease of application. Use as a statement liner or blend across the eyelids for a soft, diffused look.

Pure Color Blush

Give your face a sculpted look with a set of matte blush and pearl-rich highlighting colour.

  • 148 AMATANKA: Blend the red blush and pink highlighter adorned with blue pearls to seamlessly transition eyeshadow to blush, yielding a harmonious and enchanting makeup finish. This is the most beautiful blush highlighter combo ever!
  • 149 KIRAMEKINOZOKI: Achieve a youthful radiance for your cheeks with a brown blush featuring subtle hints of red, paired with a highlighting shade infused with lustrous gold pearls, reminiscent of a sun-kissed glow.

I got the shade 148 which is absolutely stunning. You can enhance your natural complexion with Pure Color Blush 148, featuring a red blush and pink highlighter combination reminiscent of a freshly bloomed rose. Gently sweep the blush onto the apples of your cheeks, blending upwards towards the temples to achieve a radiant, just-picked glow.

Moisture Glaze Lipstick

Two exhilarating limited-edition shades are now offered in a new lipstick that provides a glossy, plump appearance to the lips.

  • 101 ICHIRINKA – Inspired by red tulips. A pretty brick red with a sheen.
  • 102 SAKIZORA – A neutral pink beige that complements any makeup look. The exquisite degree of pink adds a stylish touch.

The formula is infused with highly moisturising hyaluronic acid and squalane, adding a lip balm properties to this lipstick line.

Embark on your day with this captivating makeup style, reminiscent of the vibrant atmosphere of a flower market – full of life, energy, and abundant beauty at every glance. Let your makeup for early summer embody a tribute to nature’s creativity and mirror the luminosity of your inner vitality!

Discover SUQQU’s Blossom Beat Collection, as well as exclusive sets, at SUQQU Selfridges London. Launching on 21st March at Selfridges, 4th April at Harrods, Liberty & 18th April at Cult Beauty.

Until next time, Ashh xo

*Press Samples included – AD.

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