SUQQU 2023 Global Summer Collection – NEW Launch

SUQQU launches a brand-new, limited-edition Summer Collection that is the ideal, fun addition to any beauty collection. It is inspired by the distinctive, glistening rainbow hues that emerge when sunlight passes through opal stones. A unique, color-changing effect is caused by the diffused reflection of light inside the stone.

The evocative collection has a one-of-a-kind, color-changing effect that changes according to the angle, movement, and application. A vivid jewel-like sheen is added by sophisticated duo-chrome hues for a polished summer look. All of this is packaged in stunning, limited-edition white packaging with iridescent glitter in a variety of colors. The limited-edition packaging deviates from SUQQU’s signature black, emphasizing the collection’s inspiration from gorgeous opals with multicolor iridescent glitter textures.

SUQQU Signature Color Eyes, £48 – Two limited edition color combinations join the Signature Color Eyes range this season. The limited edition SUMMER collection eyeshadow palettes feature duo chrome medium shades. These shades exhibit diverse expressions when viewed from different angles and under varying lighting conditions. Experiment with layering different textures to create eye-catching and captivating summer makeup looks that transform in sunlight.

  • SIGNATURE COLOUR EYES 125 HIKARIMI (Prism Green x Matte Brown) – This palette includes matte brown for natural depth and contour and iridescent colors that shift from green to brown-orange. The formula contains pearls for an impressive yet soft shimmer for a remarkable subtle shine.
  • SIGNATURE COLOUR EYES 126 ASOBIKARI (Prism Purple x Matte Mauve) – The mellow matte mauve shade in this palette works in perfect harmony with the iridescent undertones of the ombre purple-pink shimmer.

I absolutely adore the soft and buttery formula of SUQQU’s eyeshadows, which owes its quality to the inclusion of skincare ingredients in their makeup products. Not only do these eyeshadows possess impressive pigment, but they also blend seamlessly without any fallout. In both palettes, the initial shade is a transparent hue with a subtle shimmer. This particular shade is perfect for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes, wearing alone for a subtle look, or layering it on top of other shades to add dimension. Moreover, I appreciate the cohesive color scheme in both palettes, which beautifully complements the warm and cool tones of other products in this collection.

SUQQU Pure Color Blush, £34 – Two new limited-edition shades have been added to the classic Pure Colour Blush collection. Each of these mixes three colors to create a natural, soft appearance while outlining the natural contours of the face with a bright, clear complexion. The new colors bring brightness and depth to your cheeks. They combine pearlescent and matte textures, along with a dazzling translucent highlight color. The highlight color features a marbled pattern that imitates the multi-faceted, natural brilliance of gemstones.

  • Pure Color Blush 140 IROMADOI (Matte Brown x Light Green) – A matte brown blush with beige and light green highlights for a naturally contoured look.
  • Pure Color Blush 141 YUMEMATOI (Matte Berry x Light Blue) – With a matte berry-red blush at its core, this makeup palette also features sweet, blue-toned pink and light blue highlights. These shades work harmoniously to delicately enhance your complexion with a subtle flush.

Believe it or not, these blushes are the star of the collection. With different colors running through like a marble pattern, they add interest to the blush palette and add radiance with a flush of color. Just a swipe of this blush to add a gorgeous flush with a radiant finish!

SUQQU Treatment Wrapping Lip, £28 – (Launching 2nd June) –

Introducing two limited edition colors, SUQQU expands its color range with the Treatment Wrapping Lip collection. The shades encompass a pure white opalescence and a deep black opal, each providing a distinct appeal. These new colors infuse the lips with a delicate pearlescent luster, offering both shine and depth. They serve multiple purposes, as they can be utilized as a lip base for hydration and protection, or layered on top of lipstick to provide an added glossy finish.

  • 102 TOUGYOKU (Pearlescent Pink) – A delicate pink pearlescence evokes the glow of white opals and creates a healthy-looking complexion.
  • 103 MIGAKISORA (Pearlescent Blue) – A deep blue underpinned by a multi-colored pearlescence to bring the mysterious brilliance of black opals to your lips.

SUQQU Marble Color Lipstick, £32

SUQQU’s color collection has expanded with a new limited-edition lipstick featuring a marbled pattern. Moreover, this marble lip color enhances the lips with added depth and luminosity. It effortlessly creates soft, nuanced shades, boasting a smooth texture. Furthermore, the color’s versatility shines through as it seamlessly blends with the natural lip color, resulting in a beautiful and cohesive look.

  • MARBLE COLOR LIPSTICK 101 KASUMICHA (Soft Beige x Sheer Green) – An effortless soft beige marbled with a sheer light green to create a chic brown.
  • MARBLE COLOR LIPSTICK 102 YURABENI (Brown Red x Sheer Purple) – A deep brown-red, mixed with sheer purple, for a soft, gorgeous rose-red colour.

The soft beige lipstick enhances the natural look of my lips. It has a hydrating balm-like formula, making it ideal for a luscious, juicy lip look during the summer season.

SUQQU Nail Color Polish, £18

This summer, the Nail Color collection introduces three new colors inspired by natural gemstones. Pink, purple, and blue shades bring the enchanting sparkle of the summer sun to your nails. The shimmering pearls in these colors are reminiscent of fantastic natural stones.

  • 151 SANZAKI – A color highlighted by pearlescent tones of pink and gold, for a dazzling brilliance.
  • 152 KYOUSHOU – A translucent, fresh pale purple complemented by the contrast of glittering green iridescent pearls.
  • 153 MABATABOSHI – A chic grayish-blue accented by a multi-colored pearlescent shine

The SUQQU 2023 Global Summer Collection will be released on 11th May at Selfridges; 12th May at Harrods, Liberty; 18th May Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche; 2nd June at Cult Beauty, and the new Treatment Wrapping Lip colors will be available on June 2nd


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*This article features press samples. All opinions are my own and unbiased.


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