Lip Gloss, Lipstick, and everything in between…

As face mask restrictions are being lifted in the UK, I see a lot of us will be shopping for new lip products. Lip makeup instantly perks up our complexion and in most cases, it boosts our mood too!

Do you love those pretty, sheeny looking lips? Lip Glosses are particularly a top pick in the summer so I thought why not talk all about the good old lip gloss (Umm..not really!). The lip gloss formulas have been updated over the years and they’re now nothing like super gluey, sticky, and unpleasant! You can now find a lip gloss in nearly every color, finish, and opacity easily. Lip glosses have a glossier finish and thicker texture than lipsticks. They generally have less pigment than lipsticks and are therefore low maintenance than highly pigmented lipsticks like mattes. These days lip glosses come in long-lasting formulations like Gosh Lumi Lips which also has a mirror and LED light for touchups when you’re on the go. I particularly enjoy the shade 008 LOL which is a brick tone shade with tiny speckles of shimmer which makes the pout look plumper.

The main difference between lipstick and lip gloss is in the amount of oil and pigment used. Lipsticks are known for hold and coverage. They generally have more pigmentation than lip glosses. The staying power of lipsticks is usually more than a lip gloss. For any refined look, lipsticks are preferred. These days lipsticks come in various finishes, textures, sheen, and pigmentation. From glossy sheen to soft satins and velvety mattes, there’s a lipstick finish to suit everyone! Revlon and Loreal have a variety of different finishes and shade ranges.

If you’re afraid of color, Lip stains are the low-maintenance way to wear color on your lips. Whether you love a touch of poppy or a wash of berry, a lip stain will have you covered with a spectrum of wild brights. The best part? You won’t feel a thing on your lips! These are weightless formulations but pack a punch in terms of pigment. This is the most laidback lip makeup that looks so effortless and the bonus is that you won’t stain your coffee mug or a wine glass.

With a year-long virtual world and zoom calls, comfort and conditioning feel so much more appealing than a full-on classic matte lipstick. Lip Oils sit somewhere in between lip glosses and lip balm. Lip Oils come with nourishing benefits which is what we need right now! You may choose clear lip oil but I prefer the ones with a bit of tint to give me the best of both worlds.

Until next time, Ashh xo

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