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JANJIRA skincare review

JANJIRA skincare reviewIt feels so good to see the awareness of going cruelty-free in the Beauty industry. However, finding great products that feels luxurious, show noticeable difference in your skin and is cruelty -free was expecting too much earlier. But not anymore because I am introducing you to Janjira Skincare which is a luxury Thai skincare brand.

The brand Janjira was born in Thailand and its products are built around bathing rituals of ancient Thai royalty. Janjira has been created to bring spa experience in the comfort of your own home. The philosophy of the brand is to combine expert skincare technology with natural ingredients that are proven to have skincare benefits.

Janjira Skincare has also been featured in so many magazines including Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Tatler, Company, Instyle, Pure Beauty, Health and Fitness etc.

Thai luxury skin care by Janjira

This exotic smelling body butter is enriched with Ginger and citrus extracts that helps replenish and moisturise the skin. If you are someone who doesn’t like thick sticky body butters that take hours to absorb into skin, then this one is for you. This has thin creamy texture (not too thin like a moisturising lotion but slightly like a light weight rich cream) that absorbs quickly while keeping your skin soft and moisturised all day. If you have dry skin, you can even use this as a face cream. My husband uses this daily as a face cream and he is just addicted to this stuff. This body butter has become staple in my daily skincare routine.

Key Benefits:

  • Long-lasting hydration
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Restores skins elasticity
  • Improves skins resilience, smoothness and radiance
  • Helps heal and soothe skin
  • Anti-ageing effects

I highly recommend this to everyone. Honestly I used to stick to one of the well-known brand for body butters etc but now after using this for a while, I can’t think of any other.

Thai luxury body butter by Janjira

As soon as my Clinique moisture surge eye cream finished, I was in a hunt of new eye cream that is not too thick that can clog my pores and give me bumps around delicate eye area and also can be used under makeup to keep my concealer look nice and not get cakey. Im so glad I got to try Janjira brightening eye lift. I have been using this religiously in my skincare routine and sometimes before makeup too. It is light and gets absorbed easily. The metal applicator has cooling effect and is great to keep away the puffiness around eyes (if I didn’t sleep well a night before). Long term results like reduction in dark circles are yet to be seen but this cream definitely keeps my under eye area well moisturised.

This is a multi-action eye cream specially formulated to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.  The key ingredient Algowhite™ works along with Ash Bark Extract to help protect the delicate eye area against premature ageing.  Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 brighten the eye area and boost radiance while the innovative metal applicator gives a cooling and soothing feeling to the eye area.

Key Benefits:

  • Brightens eye area
  • Prevents grey-yellow under eye circles
  • Strengthens delicate under eye skin
  • Protects skin from pollution
  • Intensively moisturises skin

Overall, its a great eye cream with metal applicator to keep puffiness away and to keep the delicate skin under eyes well moisturised. It is light weight gel like formula and absorbs quickly. Long term results (like reduction in dark circles) are yet to be seen in my case.

Thai luxury skin care by Janjira

This is a rich creamy mask that works wonders for dry and dehydrated skin. I like to apply this as overnight treatment or to apply as a face mask but instead of leaving for just 5-10 mins, I like to leave it until most of it gets absorbed into my skin. This way I know my mask is not just sitting on top of my skin and is actually working. I also knows the parts of my face that are more dry and require a boost of hydration. Its very light weight and smells so good. This mask instantly plumps up and replenishes moisture to the skin.

This luxurious creamy face mask is packed with nutrients, anti-oxidants and anti-ageing agents. It provides instant hydration and soothes dry and dehydrated skin.


  • Intensively hydrating
  • Reduces the appearance of pores
  • Lifts and plumps skin
  • Brightens and illuminates
  • Anti-oxidant properties protect against signs of ageing
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Overall, its a wonderful mask for hydration and can also be used as an overnight treatment if your skin drinks up moisture and is super thirsty/dehydrated.

Janjira products are parabens and suphates-free and contains no artificial colours, The brand is Cruelty free as well.

Make sure you check out this Luxury Thai skincare brand if you want to amp up your skincare game :).
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  1. I’ve never got the chance to use Thai skincare. This skincare set looks quite beneficial!

  2. This sounds like a great brand, love the look of the products. I wish I had picked up some Thai skincare when I was in Thailand but I didn’t even think of it xxx

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