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Loving Lately - MOR lip macarons, CND Vinylux weekly polish, Rubis Switzerland tweezers - Ms Tantrum Blog

I have not done a Loving Lately post in months so consider this a collective post and grab yourself a cuppa or a drink if you might want to stick till the end. I have been trying out a lot of new beauty & lifestyle bits in general but been reaching for some more than usual. Starting up with Netflix, I am currently watching Narcos series which is all about the rise of the cocaine trade in Colombia and the gripping real-life stories of drug kingpins of the late ’80s. The series also features the actions taken by law enforcement as they battle in the war on drugs, targeting notorious and powerful figures.



  • My Bkr Glass Water Bottle – Tutu 1L | £38: I have been trying to keep my hydration level up by drinking as much water as possible. With this hot weather, its not feasible to keep small bottle and keep refilling it every half hour or so. My Bkr 1L glass bottle in Tutu has been so handy lately not only at home but also at gym. I also took it along on a day trip for keeping us cool while driving. I am taking the bottle again to upcoming trip to a beach as well. This bottle is one of the best investments you would do this summer.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Youth Glow Filter – Seduce Blush | £30: Just can’t stop wearing this cheek duo. The formula is everything really! The suede cream blush sets to powder finish and looks so healthy on the skin. Skin looks youthful and radiant. The cheek duo applies so well with Cheek hug brush (sold as Seduce Blush kit | £45) but can also be applied with fingers.
Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Youth Glow Filter - Seduce Blush Swatch on Ms Tantrum Blog
Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Youth Glow Filter – Seduce Blush
  • Winky Lux: I got my hands on few lip products from the Insta-famous brand Winky Lux and I was pleasantly surprised with how good these are! Glimmer Balm | £13 looks very intriguing with the glistening sparkly bullet. It might look overwhelming at first but once you apply it , you will fall in love instantly. It applies on clear reacting with your skin’s pH levels to create your perfect shade of pink infused with a touch of galactic glimmer. Glimmer Balm features a yummy coconut scent in an updated pink and silver lip pill. The fine shimmer on the lips with sheer pink tint looks stunning on lips. Lips look plump and kissable. This is my current obsession at the moment. I might need a Flower Balm next or this Winky Lux Balm Trio | £25 (currently on offer) is more value for money. I also got a Lip Velour lipstick in shade Heart which is true red-carpet shade and looks stunning on all skin tones. Though I didn’t get much chance to wear it in public yet but I can tell I will be reaching out for this in coming months. Next thing to check out is the Disco Kitten Gloss in hustle | £13 which is the most stunning and is on trend right now. The gloss has light reflecting holographic shimmer that boosts the glossy effect and looks so pretty on lips. The gloss is packed with cosmic glitter that’s always pretty, never gritty and the color-changing Disco Kitten Gloss formula goes from clear to perfect-for-you pink right before your eyes.
Winky Lux swatches (top to bottom): Glimmer Balm, Lip Velour in Heart, Disco Shine gloss - Hustle - Ms Tantrum Blog
Winky Lux swatches (top to bottom): Glimmer Balm, Lip Velour in Heart, Disco Shine gloss – Hustle
  • Pur Minerals: I tried couple of products from Pur Minerals (aka PurCosmeticsUK) and was impressed with them. The 4-in-1 pressed mineral powder  | £29 with SPF 15 makes a quick foundation/powder for me specially for summer days when I do not want to wear makeup. It is buildable light to medium coverage powder that looks really good on the skin. The best part is that its a skincare infused makeup. I got shade Light Tan which works well for my medium skin. I also tried eye polish in shade satin | £17 which is a gorgeous champagne shade. This is a multi-function iridescent , crease-proof pure pigment that can be used as a shadow primer or as ultimate top coat over any eyeshadow. It gives a lifted look to the eye. The liquid formula sets quickly but giving you enough time to blend though. You do not need brushes for this as the product comes with a silicone applicator. The eye polish is also available in dark shades.
Pur Minerals Cosmetics swatches: 4 -in 1 pressed mineral powder in shade Light Tan, Eye Polish in shade Satin - Ms Tantrum Blog
Pur Minerals Cosmetics swatches: 4 -in 1 pressed mineral powder in shade Light Tan, Eye Polish in shade Satin


Loving Lately - MOR lip macarons, CND Vinylux weekly polish, Rubis Switzerland tweezers - Ms Tantrum Blog

  • MOR Lip Macarons : If lip gloss balm is your thing, you definitely should check out MOR Lip Macarons | £6 which are deliciously fragranced as well as filled with Vitamin E and Beeswax. MOR Lip Macaron is a nourishing confection that creates deliciously sweet lips. They are soothing and hydrating while adding a sheer yet subtle shine to the lips. The lip macarons are sheer but the coloured lids only indicate the fruit flavour.
  • CND Vinylux Weekly Polish | £10.95: These professional nail polish is an ultimate, chip-resistant, long-wearing formula that comes with a built-in base coat. It provides high shine and gel-effect finish that will give your nails a salon-like manicure. Just apply two thin coats and finish with CND Vinylux top coat and you’re good to go.
  • LQ Liquid Health Supplements | £29.99 for 10 x 50ml bottles: I have been looking for good Collagen* supplements for my skin, hair and nails and this one is just perfect. LQ Liquid Health supplements contain 7000 mg marine collagen along with Vitamin C, Vit. E, Biotin, Grape seed extract, Hyaluronic acid and more. These supplements come in individual 50 ml bottles in a pack of 10 and need to be taken 1 per day. It tastes a bit citrus-y/ fruity and a bit sour – very sharp taste which I am not a fan of but the fact that it is full of goodness, it got featured here in the Loving lately edit. *Collagen is a most abundant, naturally occurring protein in the human body. For more information on collagen, LQ has produced an Ultimate Guide to Collagen, that provides everything that you could possibly want to know about the importance of this key protein. Why not try LQ Skin, Hair & Nails, it contains 7,000mg of high-grade collagen, as well as 8 more key active ingredients that have been scientifically formulated to help maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.
  • Terre de Mars 001 Resurgence Coffee Scrub: I was kindly sent one of the Resurgence Coffee Scrub | €7.50 for 30 gms from cruelty-free French brand Terre de Mars and I really enjoyed using it. I have Keratosis Pilaris condition on my arms and back so exfoliation is super important for my affected skin to open clogged pores. Coffee Scrub helps in a good detox and provides deep exfoliation of skin. This scrub contains Arabic coffee, lemon, bamboo stems: The coffee exfoliates, prevents the appearance of cellulite and preserves the youth of dermis tissues, lemon and bamboo invigorate and revitalize. Castor oil, argan oil, shea butter and aloe vera: deeply moisturize, nourish, soothe and soften the skin. The scrub works against acne, psoriasis, redness, brown spots, stretch marks and aging. Though it was a 1-time use for me, I fell in love and definitely need their bigger size pack to continue using it.
  • Twist & Spritz Atomiser: If you know me, you’d know that I’m a Fragrance Addict. I have a god growing collection and always like to travel with the perfume I’m wearing to top up after few hours. However, it is not practical to travel with large bottles so perfume atomisers come handy here. I have been loving Twist & Spritz | £10-£12 ones as they come in variety of shades and finishes plus they are so easy to use. The stylish twisting design can be easily refilled from most fragrance bottles and holds 8ml – approximately 100 sprays. I have two shades – Silver which looks very sophisticated and Light purple in metallic finish. I am eyeing up the black one (definitely NEED this) and a black marble one next. The blue one is also sexy..omg you need to have atleast one of these in your bag.

Loving Lately Edit - Ms Tantrum Blog featuring Desgn Me Hair products, Rosehipplus oil, CND Vinylux nail polish, Mor lip macarons, LQ Liquid Health supplements, Rubis Switzerland tweezers, French Coffee scrub Terre de mars

  • Rosehip+ Organic Cold pressed oil: Earlier this year when the weather was not that hot, I was enjoying few drops of Rosehip oil in my skincare routine. Organic cold pressed oils are more beneficial than processed so I always prefer them. RosehipPlus Rosehip Oil (from Australia, easily available at Amazon) | £25 for 50ml is a 100% pure and natural Certified Organic rosehip oil, cold pressed from the highest quality Rosa Canina seeds. It contains naturally occurring bioflavonoids and essential fatty acids. It is an Australian Certified Organic and PETA approved brand.
  • Rubis Switzerland Tweezers – The most instagramable tweezers come from Rubis, Switzerland. The Classic Christmas Six Stars Red Gold  | £29 is a high-quality cosmetic tweezers that facilitates comfortable, precise use: the slanted tips are ideal for plucking eyebrows, the removal of facial hairs and epilating unwanted hairs in other body zones. top-quality surgical steel. which is acid-proof, anti-magnetic and rust-proof. These rose gold, has star cut-outs and it looks chic.
  • Design.Me Products: You might have seen the pastel colour bottles on social media already. The Design.me products come in eye-appealing colourful packaging. I have been particularly enjoying Puff Me Volumising Cloud mist | £9.95  which is the first and original volumising powder spray in a pump. It creates instant mega volume without any mess or bad odour. Its great for all hair types and more importantly its travel-friendly and fits in a handbag. I am also loving Fab Me moisturising mist | £9.95 which is the mother of all hair treatments. It is a multi-benefit lotion which detangles, moisturises and also provides luminosity to hair.

Well done you if you survived till end of this post. I know it was a long one so I promise I will keep next one short and sweet :).

Until next time

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*This post features some PR samples. Opinions are my own & unbiased.


  1. Charlotte Tilbury Blush and Winky Lux Disco Kitten Gloss are just so pretty!

  2. So many amazing products some of which are new to me. That pair of Rubis Switzerland tweezers looks so fancy :).

  3. jenniferpickering22gmailcom

    6 July 2018 at 1:37 PM

    Those Mor Lip Macarons are so cute!! I love your water bottle. Such a pretty colour!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  4. I definitely need that water bottle! 1L?! That is brilliant and I don’t have to refill again and again.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  5. Really want to try the PUR mineral powder, everything sounds amazing. Kind of had an almost seizure when I saw the price of that water bottle but if it is helping you achieve your hydration goals then it’s definitely worth it! Thanks for sharing Ash, great post and gorgeous photos as always xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  6. Amazing and beautiful post. I like the lip microns and blush kit. Great collections and superb thoughts.

  7. love CT youth glow blush and Winky Lux lip balm trio..thanks for sharing so many amazing products..❤️


  8. I love the CT blush and Rosehip oil works amazing for aging skin 🙂

  9. I love Winky Lux Balm Trio shade and I am expecting your pic with this shade . It look so pretty shade

  10. All the products shared here are so beautiful , very adorable. What I like the most was the Winky Lux disco Shine lip gloss I had one lip balm visuals quite similar to this one and yet this one is so exceptional. Then, there was Charlotte Tilbury Seduce blush which I really like – it is so natural and it can complement my skin tone very well.

  11. I was like open mouthed literally wanting all of them and yes I survived the list simply because all products are so good. Mor Lip Macarons is love!

  12. Omg..this post is filled with so many beautiful products. Those lip colours and blush from CT are so gorgeous.

  13. Just loved the disco shine gloss! It’s really beautiful… The water bottle in tutu is definitely a great pick during summers.. loved all your picks

  14. It’s kinda difficult to pick just one I would covet. But the collagen supplement won it over the rest. Would love to get my hands on it.

  15. That’s bottle is so lovely, and Pur Minerals Cosmetics swatches is something I want it right away.

  16. the lip colours are so pretty!

  17. Oh dear I feel like a kid in a candy store. Loving Winky lux all the shades. The blush duo is a perfect pink too… Want to get my hands on them two

  18. so many products, but i think i am reclining towards the collagen supplement. products look great

  19. The Mor Lip Macarons are so cute and I need to try them. i have been using lip balms like crazy these days , my lips are so dry from the heat and I always carry one with me to apply during the day. Love their packaging and price!!! x


  20. I rarely go through such lengthy beauty product posts but this one kept me glued till the end. What gorgeous products, I loved the Disco kitten gloss, and have an eye on the coffee scrub. Thanks for writing about these lovely products. I am going to check them out now,

  21. You totally make me want to have everything on your list AK. Especially when you make them look so beautiful with the way you capture pictures

  22. All the products are really very good.. I love Rosehip oil as it’s works amazing for aging skin .

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  24. Those lip macrons are so adorable and the Charlotte Tilbury blush is such a lovely shade!


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