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Achieving a salon-style hair look was not that easy few years ago but with the increasing availability of some really amazing products, it is not the case anymore. However, keeping those styles to last longer can be tricky at times specially with adverse weather conditions which is not in our control. We all know no matter how much time we spend on styling our hair, sometimes they look frizzy or just really dull and dry. There are also days when hair look really greasy and you do not have time to wash them and style them so keeping your current blow dry stay longer is the way to go!

I tested out some products from the popular Living Proof [aka problem solvers] on not-so-great hair days and was pleasantly surprised with how they performed in extreme conditions.

Living Proof Hair S.O.S. products - Ms Tantrum BlogLiving Proof Hair S.O.S. products - Ms Tantrum Blog

Frizzy hair?

You know you spend so much time styling your hair for those perfect photos but what if your hair turn frizzy due to heat or warm climate or when you are on a holiday to a warm place? The quick fix to tame those annoying frizzy hair is using a conditioning treatment. I love Living Proof instant de-frizzer which is a dry conditioning spray that instantly tames up to 92% of frizz. This spray has a unique 5-oil blend that mimics the oils naturally found in healthy hair and high refractive emollient that creates shine. The spray seals the cuticles, tames frizz and smooths hair without any build-up or residue. This spray also comes in travel size which makes it perfect for carrying it in your hand bag.

Greasy hair?

I have tried so many dry shampoos and I have to say Living Proof Perfect hair Day dry shampoo stands out. This dry shampoo actually cleans your hair. You will see instant boost of volume and your hair will look more full while your scalp will feel weightless. The dry shampoo eliminates oil, sweat and odor from the scalp and hair. Your hair stay clean for almost whole week after using this one. This makes my hair look, feel and smell  clean. This dry shampoo is safe for colour and chemically treated hair. I have dark hair so I make sure to rub my scalp to avoid any white residue. I might need to get travel size as well because its so good. I’m totally impressed!

DRY/Tangled Hair?

If you have dry or damaged hair, your hair might need a bit more than just hydration to look and feel healthier. Living Proof Restore perfecting – Conditioning detangling spray is a featherweight conditioning detangling spray that provides time released conditioning to hair. This multi-action spray strengthens, provides natural shine and smoothness. This spray also protects hair from UV and heat from styling tools from up to 400 degree Fahrenheit. The spray is silicone-free and is ideal for all hair types including colour and chemically treated hair.

Living Proof Hair products are safe for colour and chemical-treated hair and are now available easily in the UK via Living Proof UK, Space NK, Feel Unique, John Lewis & Partners, & Marks & Spencer.

Until next time

Ashh xo

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*These products were kindly sent to me as part of PR. Opinions are my own – honest and unbiased!


  1. I really want to try de-frizzer and dry shampoo from Living Proof

  2. jenniferpickering22gmailcom

    5 September 2018 at 1:03 PM

    I could use that de-frizzer. It’s so hot and humid here that nothing is taming my hair!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  3. Great recommendations! I am currently using dry shampoo from LP and need to try Restore detangler now. My hair tend to tangle and break a lot.

  4. I have been seeing dry shampoo quite a lot of social media but the de-frizzer sounds such a clever product too!

  5. Definitely NEED this in my life! I’ve had my eyes on this dry shampoo for awhile. Very nice review..

  6. I love that it seems like living Proof works on all types of hair!

  7. You have really nailed this …I am so much need to try dry shampoo ..Thanks for sharing this

  8. I have tried dry shampoo from a very popular brand here, but the results were quite vary from claimed. Would like to try this one, conditioning detangle spray seems perfect fit .

  9. I like the idea of their dry hair shampoo.. i get greasy hair so often, its a nuisance!

  10. This is what I need Living Proof Restore perfecting – Conditioning detangling spray to make my hair live again. i have dry,damage and frizzy hair.. tried many things but not satisfied so far.

  11. I have greasy hair so I think dry shampoo will work good for my hair. Will try this one.

  12. Frizzy hair are a pain to me, all the more in these rainy season, when I waste a lot of time . This de-frizzer seems a great option for my hair. Will certainly try it.

  13. Loved this post! Thank you for providing solution for frizzy hairs! Love all your posts! Keep writing

  14. I have really frizzy hair! I would love to try the living proof de frizzer! That looks really cool and effective!

  15. thefashionableaccountant

    6 September 2018 at 12:44 PM

    I love living proof products! I use their dry shampoo and their anti humidity shield.

  16. Living Proof has a wide range of products it seems.I am.going to try the hair de frizzer and let you know

  17. This is an interesting post. I have wondered about the dry shampoo n if it really works.. Your review makes me want to try it out too ☺️

  18. I used to swear by detangling sprays but haven’t used one for ages, I love my Living Proof Instant Repair serum so I’d probably love that!xx

  19. I’ve both frizzy as well as greasy hairs. And this looks like a saviour for such hair issues.

  20. Ash, these are some dream products for me. I am irked with frizzy hair and I do need a dry dhampoo that works magic on my hair these products sound Amaaaazing. I am checking em out

  21. My hair has become so frizzy i could totally use the de-frizzer! I am going to check them out!

  22. wow, sounds like this product is made for me . My hair is a mess and I’d do anything to get something that works on my hair. Need to give this a try

  23. Thanks for sharing these products! Do they have a strong smell? I kind of stray away from Living Proof products because their scent is so strong!

  24. I need to give this brand a try – I always hear such good things about it!

  25. I need to try these products. They sound amazing! My hair is so thin and frail from bleaching so it has a tendency to frizz a little even though it’s bone straight! Great post!

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