Wedding Guest Skin Prep

Wedding guest skin prep

Wedding Guest Skin Saviors

Attending an event or a wedding can be daunting if your skin is not prepped for that. Today I am sharing some of my tested products that help me achieve beautiful skin before any major event. I do like to prep my skin a night before so I have enough time on the day of event and I am not rushing. That way I don’t have to use any treatments or masks on the day of event and concentrate more on makeup. So, here are my fail-proof products that I like to use a night before 🙂


This is a brightening and clarifying cleansing mud which has a gel consistency. This gentle Glow Mud Cleanser contains 5% glycolic acid – a natural, chemical exfoliant which works to melt the glue that binds dulling dead cells and debris to skin’s surface, revealing the healthy new cells underneath. This cleanser also doubles up as a mud mask if you leave it for a while.

This is an incredibly effective way to brighten your complexion without scrubbing. This detoxifying formula ticks almost every box; purifying, unifying, soothing and hydrating thanks to a cocktail of nourishing oils, glycerin, aloe and hyaluronic acid. I absolutely love this and I feel this is one of the gentle cleanser that not only cleanses, but gives you brighter complexion by exfoliating dead cells and revealing new healthy skin cells.


If there’s one toner I have to pick that will work for all skin types would be Pixi Glow Tonic. It is a gentle chemical exfoliant that will remove all dead skin and boost radiance to your skin. You can see your skin glowing with every single use.

This gorgeous glow-giver brightens, tones and conditions your skin after cleansing. This is enriched with 5% glycolic acid – a natural derivative of sugar cane, and member of the alpha-hydroxy acid family – this gentle, exfoliating formula dissolves the bonds binding dulling dead cells to skin’s surface, to reveal the ‘new’ healthy skin cells underneath. Aloe then soothes and hydrates while oxygenating ginseng promotes cell health and skin vibrancy; witch hazel firms and tones, while horse chestnut boosts blood flow, to grant your complexion a naturally fresh and dewy radiance. Astonishingly affordable, this is mild yet effective, making it suitable for all skin types – just apply a few drops to a cotton wool pad, and sweep all over skin after cleansing (morning and evening) to gradually diminish signs of sun damage, fine lines, scarring and other imperfections.

If your skin is prone to redness or blemishes, I highly recommend trying this Zinc Sulphate Solution. This is a refreshing facial toner formulated to target oily skin that is prone to blemishes. This is infused with Zinc Sulphate to reduce grease and mattify skin for a shine-free finish. You will experience revitalised, refined skin with a silky soft texture. This is also suitable for acne-prone skin. My sister loves this as she has blemishes as well as acne prone skin. This travel size 50 ml bottle is great to carry in your bag so you can spritz anytime to experience fresh revitalised skin.


This is a hydration boosting sheet mask for lacklustre skin. This mask is developed with the efficacy of a concentrated serum, the Hydra-Filler Mask delivers a hit of high intensity hydration. The mask is infused with a blend of active ingredients which work efficiently to plump, smooth and deeply hydrate. Skin is fresh, dewy and glowing with health after just 15 minutes.

  • Hyaluronic Acid – Plumps the skin’s surface reducing fine lines.
  • Aloe Vera – Delivers soothing hydration.
  • Skin-Like Fibre Technology – Increases the absorption of nutrients into the skin.

The incredible formula from the FILORGA HYDRA-FILLER Moisturiser is infused into a skin-like fibre sheet mask made from eucalyptus pulp. Containing an unprecedented concentration of hyaluronic acid, an NMF-Like complex, and aloe vera to soothe, the mask immediately moisturises, plumps and brightens the complexion. 100% instantly moisturised skin, 100% fresher complexion.

FILORGA’s secret is to make use of active ingredients that are typically reserved for aesthetic medicine and enable them to penetrate the skin without needles…and these masks do just that.

Although no sheet masks fits my oblong face perfectly but this was not that bad in fit. I have had huge masks put on to my face in the past which were difficult to manage for about 15 mins The mask definitely nourishes the skin with moisture and gives a plumped look. It is perfect for quick fixes before special occasions or if you do want to do want to look fabulous every time, do use this twice a month or atleast once a month.


I can’t stress enough how much hyaluronic acid is important for your skin to look well nourished. I have two recommendations.

If you’re in the US and can get your hands on Klurskin Hyaluronic serum, that would be great. I have the limited edition (Klurskin x UO Beauty Hyaluronic + Rose serum) one which was in collab with Urban Outfitters. I will not discuss about that as its not available anymore but the base hyaluronic acid is same in their new one Ultra Bright Hyaluronic + Vital C Repair Serum | $40 for 30ml which I believe is even better than limited edition because this one has Vitamin C. Vitamin C is fabulous for brighter complexion. Klurskin products are very gentle so it should work for all skin types.

Another recommendation is Nip+Fab Skin Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Serum | £19.95 for 50ml (currently on offer) . This is a super hydrating and plumping serum with Hyaluronic acid & dragon’s blood. This serum hydrates for plumper looking skin, comforts and restores through skin hydration, enhances moisturisation. You can actually feel your skin really moisturised and plump with every use. I recommend checking this out and its easily available at drugstore on some offers.


This is a rich moisturising cream that will provide an intensive moisture that works overnight so you wake up with revitalised skin. This cream is enriched with fortifying Olive Oil, Squalane and a deluge of emollients which hydrate, and Collagen which promotes elasticity. The complexion is renewed, refreshed and skin is deeply moisturised. Though it is really rich, it doesn’t feel heavy on skin. It gets absorbed quickly without leaving any residue. Your skin will not feel oily or sticky but you will see how well moisturised it will look. The night cream works with the skin’s natural overnight revitalisation cycle and leaves a soft, younger-looking skin if used regularly. This is for every skin type and works amazing on my dry dehydrated skin.

 Body Moisturiser

I cannot recommend this enough. This moisturiser is amazing. You can use this on your body or use it on your face and let it sink in before makeup. This is the most hydrating body moisturiser in the Kiehl’s line. This superb all over body moisturiser for extremely dry or flaking skin is enriched with the finest ingredients known to Kiehl’s for a rich elegant skin texture.

These are my recommendations for achieving fabulous skin before special occasions. What are your fail-proof products?

If you want me to do hair prep post, do let me know.

Until next time…

Ash xo

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Products marked with * were sent to me as Gift but my opinions are genuine and unbiased. The results are quite evident in photos.

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  1. Fabulous post. Thanks for sharing. I was checking Filorga mask the other day on Beautybay but was not sure. I will definitely try now. I use La roche posay mist on my clients who have problematic skin.

  2. Filorga mask sounds great xx

  3. Some great choices here. I have been seeing Filorga all over Internet lately. I am intrigued to try this mask. The DHC moisturiser seems new in the market. Sounds lovely.

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