Top Tips for Hair Removal like a Pro!

Whether it’s a last-minute appointment at a salon or your regular laser hair removal session, many of us rely on beauticians for removing that unwanted hair. Luckily, the technology has improved over the years and there are now so many at-home hair removal devices available that you can do it all yourself in the comfort of your own home. From hair removal creams to razors and IPL devices, there are so many options available that you can switch them up depending upon your hair growth and pain threshold.

In this article, I am sharing some of the top tips to prep your skin before hair removal.

  • Plan in advance – Timing here is important! If hair removal is done at regular intervals, it can prolong the results. For example, the bikininarea is usually done every 2 weeks or so and same is with underarms. Armas and Legs should be done every 4 weeks on an average,
  • Exfoliate – Gently exfoliate the exact area atleast 24 hours before you plan to carry out any treatment. This will remove any dead skin cells, help in a cleaner removal and prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Prep the Skin – Prepare the skin right before the treatment by cleaning and drying the area 100%. This will ensure that the skin is free from any moisturiser or oil at the time of hair removal. You would want a bit of grip to make the experience as pain-free as possible.
  • Patch Test – Always perform a skin patch-test before introducing a new product into your regime.
  • Calm and Soothe – Hydrate skin after with anti-inflammatory and non-comedogenic moisturizer.Keeping skin as calm as possible will help avoid adverse effects like a rash, bumps or discoloration.

Hair Removal Methods

Shaving – The good, old shaving is still very popular today and it is the best method to remove unwanted hair from legs and arms. If you’re in a rush or short on time then this is the technique for you. I sometimes double up shower time with shaving time (sorry TMI!). For shaving, you can shave at any length. There’s a teeny tiny risk of cutting yourself up while shaving so you need to be extra careful with awkward spots like ankles, knees, and elbows! Always replace your razor’s blade regularly.

Waxing – If you want your skin as soft as a baby’s bottom, this method is for you! Waxing is great for smaller (brows, upper lip, bikini line) as well as larger areas (arms, legs, back). Waxing removes hair from the root and therefore provided long-lasting results. This is why, it is great for low maintenance routines or for holidays, honeymoons, etc. Waxing can be really painful so it may not be for everyone especially for those who have a low pain threshold!

Epilating – Epilating has a bad reputation for ranking high on the pain scale. But the more you use an epilator the less it hurts or I should say the more you get used to the pain associated with it. The long-term effects are worth bearing that pain temporarily. Epilators work by plucking individual hairs from the root with mechanically operated tweezers so it’s able to grab on to even the shortest hairs. One tip here – You can combine shaving with epilating for a smoother experience. If you shave a couple of days beforehand, the short stubble is easier to epilate.

Using a depilatoryThough depilatory/hair removing creams can be used on any part of the body, they can get really messy and expensive if used over a large area. It is better to use these in the shower so you can keep the mess in check. Use a washcloth to remove the cream under warm water. These creams are not advised for eyebrows. You must keep an eye on the clock as if left on the skin for longer, it can potentially irritate the skin. Sensitive skin peeps should stay away from Depilation as hair removal creams as these can irritate the skin even more and can make eczema severe.

At-home Laser/IPL – Anywhere you don’t want your hair to grow again, laser is the way to go! IPL Epilator has been getting popular over the past few years. It works by targeting the melanin in the hair in contrast to the melanin in the skin. IPL utilizes high-energy light to achieve long-term hair reduction. However, if you want immediate results, this should not be your chosen method.

Tweezing – If the area to tackle is small and precise, tweezing does the job! I prefer tweezing for random hair on the face or for shaping up my brows.

Now you know about each and every at-home hair removal option, it may not seem daunting to choose what’s best for you!

Until next time, Ashh xo

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  1. I recently got a Braun IPL and I have noticed a difference with less hair!

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