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Oud Jaune Intense, Oud Jaune Intense

Fragrance du Bois is known for its finest fragrances that are developed using Oud harvested by the brand itself. Real Oud in modern perfumery is more than just a note or accord it is a unique natural material that when used by expert hands can magnify the power of other natural oils and notes, in the world of skincare and haircare this same power combined with its own health and wellbeing benefits creates a new luxurious experience for the hair.

I am a huge fan of the brand and I have a few favourites as well. Having the fragrance in the form of hair mists adds to the lovely sensory experience. I have got two such luxe hair mists – Oud Orange Intense & Oud Jaune Intense to share with you today.

A unique and exciting addition to our “Guaranteed Real Oud” collection is our Luxe Hair Mist which has been over 5 years in development working with some of the world’s leading hair care scientists and award-winning hairdressers alongside our master perfumers. Not just another perfume for the hair, Hair Luxe Mist and beard serums harnesses the natural power of nature’s most expensive and sought after essential oil –Real Oud from the majestic and mystical aquilaria tree. – Fragrance du Bois

The packaging is as glamorous and posh as the perfume bottle. The hair mists have frosted sleek bottles compared to chunky clear bottles of fragrances.

Oud Orange Intense Hair Mist | £110 for 50ml

Oud Orange Intense Hair Mist was launched in 2020 and Caroline Sabas is the nose behind this fragrance.


  • Top Notes: Coconut, Fruity Notes
  • Heart Notes: Bourbon Vanilla
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk & Agarwood

The hair mist smells quite a lot like the perfume itself but a much lighter version. Obviously, the concentration of fragrance oil in the hair mist is lower than the EDP. Coconut and fruity notes in the opening make it a sparkling happy fragrance. These are then subtly followed by creamy vanilla. The base of vanilla and powdery musk is enriched with the richness of Oud Oil. This is a very intoxicating fragrance and lets you get noticed. The overall fragrance is delicious, cozy, and very sexy. This one shines during autumn and winter.

Oud Jaune Intense Hair Mist | £110 for 50ml

Oud Jaune Intense on the other hand has a slightly complex composition. This hair mist was also launched in 2020 and Nathalie Gracia Cetto is the nose behind the fragrance. This is an intoxicating oriental floral fragrance.


  • Top Notes: Monoi, Ylang Ylang, Pineapple, Water Fruits
  • Middle Notes: Jasmine, Orange Blossom, White Flowers, Salicylate
  • Base Notes: Lactonic, Vanilla, Musk, 100% pure organic vintage Oud

This fragrance has a sparkling fruity-floral opening of exotic monoi, creamy ylang-ylang, and juicy pineapple. The tropical opening subtly gives way to a white floral heart of jasmine and orange blossom. The Oud works in the background and adds richness to a long-lasting milky, vanilla, and musky base. This is a beautiful tropical, creamy floral that will get you compliments.

If you want to get a lighter version of Fragrance du Bois parfums, these hair mists would be a perfect start! These are great for both men and women. You will get the vibe of the actual fragrance but not as intense as the parfum itself.

Until next time, Ashh xo

*This post features PR samples for review consideration. Opinions are my own and unbiased.

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