Top Cozy Comforting Scents for Cuddling Moments

Cozy Comforting scents

I absolutely love my bold scents but I have been reaching out more for my comforting scents since early last year when the lockdown started. We all know that certain scents can calm down our anxiety and uplift our mood. Whether it’s a self-care ritual or a special evening with someone special, these mesmerizing scents will comfort your senses and get you some extra cuddles. These are also great for Netflix and chill.

Fragrance du Bois Santal Complet – This is a very elegant and refined fragrance with a milky coconut in the opening. It has lemon that adds crispiness yet adding brightness to the sweet accord. It is the softest way a lemon note is added to the composition. The heart consists of violet and a very subtle black pepper. The dry down has Musk, Vanilla, Amber, and Sandalwood. This is more of woody vanilla and not sickening sweet. Amber is beautiful here and Sandalwood is oh-so-creamy! Santal Complet doesn’t project but stays close to you for a very long time. This is a gorgeous creamy coconut and sandalwood fragrance for intimate settings or a date with your partner. If you want an elegant, lady-like, smooth fragrance – Santal Complet is the one!

Initio Parfums Musk Therapy – This is a very clean-smelling fragrance with a little bit of zestiness from citrus in the opening. White magnolia makes it slightly sweet and creamy and Musk, as well as Sandalwood, makes it powdery and dry. It is fluffy, a bit soapy, intimate, and sensual. It is soft, calming, and pleasant to the senses. Musk Therapy is complicated but very sensual and sexy – almost like a second skin. It is a bit soapy, seductive and comforting at the same time.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 04 – This is a powdery sandalwood scent made from a synthetic molecule – Javanol that brings warmth to the senses. Molecule 04 is soft, velvety, and woody and is perfect for those who do not like loud fragrances. Though it is a subtle scent, it is very arresting. It stays like a soft veil on your skin – a scent that whispers but will not scream attention. It is very elegant and alluring. One of the classic cuddly scents in my collection!

Ostens Impression Cashmeran Velvet – Warm, Elegant, Sensual, and so comforting – I find Cashmeran Velvet is the sexiest fragrance from the entire Ostens range of fragrances. It has sandalwood as one of the ingredients and no wonder why it gives me cozy vibes like wearing a cashmere jumper. This is a molecule fragrance and has a vibe similar to Le Labo’s Santal 33 but they’re different. Cashmeran Velvet comes with Préparation oil which I think is a major plus point. Cashmeran Velvet is such a beautiful creamy, woody fragrance and I’ll be buying a full-size bottle soon.

Nakuna Helsinki iho – This is a very soft, delicate, and sophisticated blend. It is an intimate fragrance with a vibe of Molecule 01 and stays close to the skin. It has that sandalwood, ambery vanilla goodness that makes it slightly delicious and creamy. It is very smooth and airy. It is a great chilling-at-home, Netflix evening kind of scent when I want to smell interesting and addictive but not trying-too-hard types. This is a great scent for close encounters – A gorgeous bedtime fragrance for when you’re with your partner. Imagine clean white sheets and some silk lingerie. We’re talking clean skin but dirty mind here…Call it a second-skin scent with a character!

Matiere Premiere Santal Austral – This amber woody fragrance smells so good on me! It opens with smooth almond milk and Iris Absolute followed by Australian Sandalwood that adds depth to the composition before Tonka Bean and Benzoin wrap it up for a very comforting dry down. This sandalwood scent is perfect for any season really but I find myself gravitating towards it more in the autumn and the transition season. Santal Austral to me is a very comforting, cozy, and mood-boosting scent.

Sana Jardin Sandalwood Temple – I have two words for Sandalwood temple – Pleasing and Calming! This is a very creamy, soft sandalwood, vanilla, cedar, and vetiver fragrance. It is so comforting to my senses that if I am confused about which fragrance to wear, I reach out for Sandalwood Temple! It is calming and smells so elegant. I think it can be worn all around the year but it has that cashmere jumper vibe which makes it perfect for cozy, comforting situations. Extra points to Sana Jardin for women empowerment and for being the beauty world’s first socially conscious luxurious fragrance brand.

Also quickly want to mention 1667 Rouge from the Fragrance Shop UK which has a Baccarat Rouge 540 vibe and is great for layering or wearing alone. The scent works great with any of the fragrances mentioned in this article or the fragrance of your choice.

Until next time, Ashh xo

*This post features PR samples. Opinions are my own and unbiased.

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