Thameen Regent Leather Extrait de Parfum

Thameen Regent leather

Thameen Regent Leather extrait de parfum, a novel luxury fragrance crafted by the esteemed British brand Thameen in collaboration with The Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club, is a testament to opulence and sophistication.

About the brand

Basel Binjabr, the visionary of Thameen London, celebrates the complex link between fragrance and gemstones with his opulent creations. His interest in fragrances grew during his childhood years, when he accompanied his father to meetings with independent sellers who treated their most valued rose oils like precious jewels. Drawing on this profound influence, Binjabr’s brand explores the relationship between scent and concepts of prestige, affluence, attraction, affection, and desire—all of which are intrinsically linked to gemstones. Reflecting this harmony, each Thameen perfume bottle, encased in bright azure glass, resembles a gemstone.

Thameen’s perfumes transport the senses to a state of euphoria, or bliss. Every fragrance is a complex blend of rare fragrance oils and essences, expertly fashioned into long-lasting extrait de parfums. These sophisticated formulas have richer heart and middle notes, assuring greater projection and longevity than conventional perfumes.

Thameen Regent Leather Extrait de Parfum - That September Muse
Thameen Regent Leather Extrait de Parfum

About the fragrance

  • Top notes: Sicilian lemon & Vanilla
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine, Saffron, Cardamom, Rose
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Gurjun, Vanilla, Musk, Labdanum, Leather

Initially inspired by the unmatched allure of the Regent Diamond, Thameen’s Regent Leather extrait de parfum exudes refinement and prestige. It unfolds with a striking fusion of sumptuously smooth vanilla and invigorating lemon, setting a tone of sophistication and exclusivity. At its heart, master perfumer Quentin Bisch skillfully captures the essence of luxurious leather, reminiscent of the opulent interiors found in Rolls Royce automobiles, enveloping the wearer in a cocoon of unparalleled craftsmanship. Its essence reverberates with a sense of authority and unwavering determination, accentuated by a medley of spices and resins such as saffron and opulent labdanum. The base is lustrous, leaving behind a lingering aura of timeless elegance with notes of refined gurjum, cedar, and patchouli.


Completely unisex, its incredible projection ensures that only a few sprays are needed to make a statement. Ideal for occasions like upscale pubs, fancy dinners, rooftop bars, or red carpet events. Lasting on the skin for over 8-10 hours, and even longer when sprayed on clothes, Thameen Regent Leather Extrait de Parfum is a highly versatile and enduring option. Its universally appealing blend of leather and vanilla is captivating from start to finish.

Though it contains leather, the fragrance also features sweet and fruity notes in its composition— the overall blend is simply divine! It is perfect for cool nights, especially when paired with all-black attire or a leather jacket.

Available from Thameen, Harrods & Selfridges in the UK.

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