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Koreans are known for pore-less glowing skin which looks rather perfect. There is no denying the fact that they know how to care for their skin and there are some gems hidden amongst Korean skincare brands that everyone needs to know about! I have been loving some of the Korean skincare products that are worth sharing with you.

Korean Skincare on Ms Tantrum Blog

Honestly, I was not keen on trying this solid soap earlier but I am so glad I did. This innovative blackhead bursting soap allows you to say goodbye to large pores. This superb soap effectively exfoliates, cleanses, controls sebum and tightens pores without leaving skin dry. Charcoal and cocoa add to the exfoliating action, while hyaluronic acid and coconut oil hydrate beautifully for a radiant result. Sparkling bubble cleanses pore impurities, removes blackhead and effective control sebum for your skin. This soap also comes in bigger size but I find this one perfect for travelling or if you want to try before investing in full size.

SkinFood Black Sugar scrub on Ms Tantrum Blog

This is a 4-in-1 product that exfoliates, smoothes, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin. This facial scrub features black sugar, refined rice wine, and botanical oils that transform rough, dry skin leaving a radiant smooth complexion. Dead skin cells are gently removed, while skin is nourished and moisturized. This is called 2x because it is double the volume of the original Black Sugar Mask Wash Off. I absolutely love this scrub for once a week treatment to remove all dead skin gently off my face specially around T-zone.

Blossom Jeju Sheet Masks from Skinsider

The Red Camellia Nourishing Soy Essence Petal mask is ideal for those looking to nourish tired skin. This sheet mask will tackle dullness of every skin type. This is a nourishing essence petal sheet mask with seed oil and soy as well as sage extract.

This is a two-step mask with 100% pure Camellia seed oil (powerful antioxidant) in the Step 1 Pouch, rich in moisturizing omegas 3 and 6 as well as essential fatty acids plus Vitamin E and polyphenols noted for protecting the skin from aging free radicals. The camellia seed oil in Step 1 Pouch helps to absorb deeply Step 2 Pouch’s nourishing essence with soy extract and sage extract.

The mask is also packed with Hyaluronic acid that brings hydration to the thirsty skin. Rosemary and Sweet Pea extracts soothe irritation. The addition of skin-brightening Licorice extract helps to fight hyperpigmentation and dark spots, while Broccoli and Soybean extracts heal and bring back the glow.

This mask is ideal for those who want to tackle dark spots and blemishes and deeply nourish the skin. This one also has 100% pure Camellia seed oil in the Step 1 Pouch and as mentioned above it is a powerful antioxidant, rich in moisturizing omegas 3 and 6 as well as essential fatty acids plus Vitamin E and polyphenols noted for protecting the skin from aging free radicals.

The camellia seed oil in Step 1 Pouch helps to absorb deeply Step 2 Pouch’s brightening essence with vitamin E and pearl extract while working to illuminate and brighten. The mask contains Hyaluronic acid which brings hydration to the skin. Chamomile and Blueberry extracts soothe any irritation. The addition of skin-brightening Licorice extract helps to fight hyperpigmentation, while Pearl and Sesame Seed extracts bring back the glow. This mask is free from Parabens, Mineral Oils, Synthetic dyes.

This mask is ideal for those looking to lift and tighten tired, depleted skin. Like other two sheet masks from Blossom Jeju, this one also has Camellia Oil (a powerful antioxidant) in step 1 pouch that helps to absorb deeply Step 2 Pouch’s lifting essence with marine collagen and blueberry extract while working to retexture, revitalize, and provide intense hydration.

The mask contains Hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin. At the same time, Fig and Centella extracts soothe any redness and irritation. The addition of skin-brightening Licorice extract helps to tackle dark spots. Broccoli and Soybean extracts heal and bring back the glow.

Caolion Skincare

This cleanser duo from Caolion will get you addicted for pore cleansing & tightening effect. The top cleanser (Pore Purifying Steam Foam Cleanser) from the duo has brown sugar  and konjact root which warms up after 10 seconds of application and massaging. This cleanser completely removes all impurities, exfoliates your skin leaving it smooth and nourished after washing the product off your face. This leaves your skin squeaky clean (if that makes sense) and is best suited as a Night time cleanser. I like to use this once a week as this is definitely a father of all cleansers in my skincare stash.

The bottom (Pore Tightening Cooling Foam Cleanser) contains sea salt, eucommia bark, kaolin clay that has a cooling effect on the skin. This cleanser will soothe your skin, tighten the pores and gently cleanse it. During cleansing, when the temperature goes down with cooling effect, this cleanser depuffs skin and tightens enlarged pores for skin firmness and contouring. This is more like a morning cleanser as it is very gentle on skin and tightens pores for makeup application.

This duo contains Pore Tightening Bounce Cream on top which is a day cream and Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask which is an overnight mask.

Caolion’s Day & Night Glowing Duo’s unique light texture quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving skin calm and moisturized throughout the day. This pore tightening bounce cream provides natural luminous skin – a perfect canvas for makeup while the memory sleeping mask tightens pores and help to get radiant skin overnight. This bouncy texture cream absorbs quickly into skin with cooling effect, leaving the skin for long lasting refreshment. This cream also hydrates dry patches and enhances skin complexion.

Shape memory formula helps to maintain youthfulness by tightening pores and enhancing elasticity, leaving skin smooth and firm. This cream enhances complexion with brightening effect overnight. This also hydrates and nourishes skin , leaving skin brighter in the morning. This cream controls excess sebum and balances oil for a flawless skin. This soothes and lifts skin with cooling effect, providing firmness.

I was first sent this mask to test but I liked it so much that I had to purchase myself a 5 pack set. This is a luxurious moisturizing Korean face mask made with extracts of Pomegranate to moisturize and lift your skin. This triple layer sheet technology mask is inspired by Korean innovation to treat slackening skin and restore a smooth, supple complexion. These are designed to enhance the moisture content within the mask and lead to an increased absorption rate within the skin.

The treatment utilizes extracts of Pomegranate to moisturize and condition, whilst delivering a tightening action for skin that appears refined and toned. I use this mask before special occasions when I want to prep my skin for heavy makeup.

These are my current faves from Korean skincare brands and I am pretty sure, I will be exploring more. Have you tried any of these? Which Korean skincare brands and products would you recommend for my combination to dry skin? 

Until next time..

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* Some products in this posts were kindly sent to me as PR samples. 


  1. These are some really lovely picks from Korean skincare brands. I have the Caolion cleanser duo (Bought it after ur recommendation) and love it . Need to check Skinsider website for some Blossom Jeju and also need to try skin food scrub.

    Jenny xx

  2. I lvoe Korean Skincare. My most fav of them all are sheet masks. They come handy during long travels.

  3. Brightening Essence Petal Mask and Skin Food scrub sounds really amazing. Need to get my hands on these.

  4. i love korean beauty skincare ! i have extremely oily skin and i am really curious to try the Caolion Pure O2 Sparkling Blackhead soap!

  5. jenniferpickering22gmailcom

    30 October 2017 at 6:29 PM

    That blackhead soap sounds really lovely! And I want to try all of those masks!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  6. Blossom Jeju is in my list to try for next year. The price range is slightly higher but many have raved about the brand.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  7. I love love love the hot and cool cleansing duo. I’m literally writing a review on it right now as I’m typing this xx

    Neha | dreamsandshades.com

  8. I have never tried any of these products but they do sound wonderful! I haven’t really tried too many Korean skincare items except for a few individual face masks!

  9. I want to try the Blossom Jeju masks!! Read other reviews for these as well and people seem to enjoy them so much!


  10. I’ve also been loving the Caolion soap and the Pore Tightening treatment too! I want to try the cleansing duo next! xx


  11. I love Korean skincare products, they sure are very effective. Great post

  12. I have heard very good things about Korean skincare. I NEED that blackhead soap so badly. And the price is so good! I might have to head to Boots tomorrow and pick some up.


  13. So many amazing products, I have been wanting to try some Korean skincare products since some time. The black sugar scrub looks luscious.

  14. Korean skin care is really on the buzz right now! I have tried some masks, which are good but not very satisfing..

    Ankita | Beautistaa.com | Fashion & Beauty

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