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When this Instagram-able chic marble collection brushes was launched by Girls with attitude, I knew I had to have it! I knew these would look amazing in my marble theme flatlays so I was not expecting much on quality side. These were an eye candy for me earlier but its one of the super soft brushes I have ever tried till now. I have tested these enough and washed them to test properly before sharing my opinion here.

I noticed this brand on Instagram and every chic babe talks about their products. The brand was launched in 2006 and is cruelty-free and PETA approved. Girls with Attitude have won various awards in the Beauty Industry so they really are good at what they do!

The Marble Collection* | £34.99

The marble collection brush set has 7 different brushes (4 Face Brushes and 3 Eye Brushes) for flawless application for face and eyes. GWA promoted these as ‘Brushes for Chic Babes Only’. Well, these definitely are for sophisticated chic lovelies who want to have the most pretty looking brushes in their collection which are great tools as well.

These brushes are carefully hand-crafted and have gradient white-grey fibres, rosegold color ferrule and marble print handle. GWA logo is printed on the ferrule. The handle and ferrule look and feel very durable.

These cruelty free & vegan brushes have synthetic fibres (bristles) which are super-soft, durable and easily cleaned. This also makes them ideal for applying cream makeup.

  • Flat Top Stippling Brush: A flat top stippling brush is essential for perfect makeup coverage. This is used for applying liquid makeup and makes application quicker, easier, and gives an airbrushed-look. This brush can also be used for applying sheer powders. The brush can be used to apply foundation, blush, bronzer and powder. It also works a treat in applying cream products.
  • Angled Blush Brush: A blusher brush is a bit smaller than and not as full as powder brush. This brush is my favourite tool as it is angled and can also double as a contour or bronzer brush.
  • Large Domed Powder Brush: This is the largest of the brushes in the set. This is used for applying loose powder after foundation is applied. A powder brush can also double as a tool for blending makeup.
  • Precision Contour Brush: This brush is not only great for contouring but can also double as highlighter brush.
  • Flat Eye Shading Brush: The flat eye shading brush is used to deposit eyeshadow to the eyelids. It packs a right amount of shadow. This is also great for applying loose pigments to eye lids.
  • Fluffy Tapered Blending Brush: A blending brush has a rounded head and is meant to blend shadow colours together for a seamless finish.
  • Angled Precision Brow Brush: An angled brow brush is flat and cut at an angle. This brush can be used for filling brows or to apply powder or gel liners around the eye. This brush can also be used for applying highlighters to inner corners of the eye.

I love to use them every single day. These marble rosegold brushes not only look pretty sitting on my vanity but also amazing for applying my makeup. These brushes washed really well and there is now shedding of fibres so far. The brushes are not stained even after continuous use for few weeks now and looks brand new after washing. I am so impressed with the quality and aesthetics of these brushes. I highly recommend checking these out.

If the brushes are so stunning at great price, who would like boring conventional looking tools?

Until next time..

Ash xo

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These brushes were sent to me as a Gift but my opinions are genuine & unbiased.

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  1. The brushes of Instagram & Pinterest dreams!! SO pretty! xx


  2. I love the look of these. And it sounds like they are good quality, too x

  3. These look stunning!

  4. So pretty!! I’m obsessed with everything marble at the moment.

    Xo, Mayra

  5. Honestly I could see how fluffy and soft the bristles are just by the picture itself. This is the first time I’m reading about this brand so thank you for the introduction.

  6. These are almost too pretty to use!! xx

  7. Wow they’re absolutely stunning brushes xx

  8. These brushes are so pretty, like you can’t go wrong with marble & rose gold xx

    Beauty with charm

  9. These look like gorgeous brushes! xx
    Nicole | Nicole Laura

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