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​It is amazing how scents evoke certain memories. A few weeks ago, I had a Fragrance Consultation with Perfume Concierge – Andrew from Parfum Muse (which I already shared on both Blog and Social). I was matched to Crème de Cuir from BDK Parfums that took me down my memory lane.

Story of the Fragrance: It’s the Indian summer when the hot days are over and the sweet freshness of the evening begins to fall. A sensual elixir marked with white and beige hues, a pure representation of contemporary sensuality. The perfume evolves through the monochromatic style of Rothko where materials are dancing in a circle one after another one. The leather is stripped down, dusted off any impurities, made it white and pure. The green notes embrace passionately while musk and bergamot push to the skies of Italy.

Notes: The keynotes in this fragrance are Musk, Woody, Citrus

Base notes: Vanilla, Birch oil, White musk, Grey musk

Middle notes: Pink pepper, White suede, Sandalwood

Top notes: Mandarin orange, Bergamot, Pineapple

This leathery, sexy aroma is inspired by the sophisticated style of painter Mark Rothko. 

My Scent Memory: Crème de Cuir took me to those beautiful end of summer and the beginning of autumn days back in India. There was a chill in the air but not quite cold yet. Preparations for Diwali festivities had begun and I was wearing my suede jacket munching on some nuts. My mom was busy with rituals and the sandalwood scent was lingering from our Puja Ghar (little temple at home) intoxicating! There were sweets in the kitchen and a lot was going on due to the celebrations. I picturized warm colors, warm lights, Diyas, and warmth in people’s hearts!

Sillage & Performance: Crème de Cuir is a very long-lasting, sensual fragrance with a character! It stays close to the skin and has a very good longevity of over 9 hours on my skin. This fragrance is great for transition weather for Fall and Winter but works equally well for Spring and Summer.

Final thoughts: Crème de Cuir translates to Cream of Leather. This is a leather-based fragrance but a lot softer than the traditional leather-based fragrances. It is a very toned-down and subdued fragrance that gives a very soft vibe. Crème de Cuir is very polished and smooth – creamy and sophisticated. It is so easy to pull off and can be worn throughout the year!

Until next time, Ashh xo

*This article features a gifted experience and a press sample. Opinions are my own and unbiased.

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  1. They sound nice but probably wouldn’t be my favourite scent. Love the bottles though.

    Curated By Jennifer

  2. This fragrance sounds interesting. I usually stay clear from leather fragrances but like you said it is not as heavy as other leather fragrances, i think I’d like to consider it and sample it before my purchase.

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