Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder Review

I am not gonna lie, Luxury Beauty is rather addiction than necessity! I have had Chanel Les Beiges powder on my wishlist for ages and finally got my hands on it. And I am so glad I did because (#spoileralert) its the most beautiful powder I have ever used. This powder is one of the bestselling product from the brand and I can see why!

Packaging | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder comes in a Cream with Black Compact Case with a large mirror which opens wide and a slim half moon brush that makes application rather simpler. The Compact case comes in a velvet sleeve like most Chanel powders and a cream card box with embossed Chanel with black ink. Absolutely beautiful and Chanel-isque.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder Review

About Product| Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder represents a new simple and intuitive makeup approach. Each of its shades embellishes the complexion with pure, fresh radiance. The result is a glowing complexion, as if you just spent the day outdoors. This powder gives a radiant and naturally beautiful face.

Composition | This powder contains White rose and cotton flower plant cells for a soothing and protective effect. This also contains an SPF 15 / PA++ sunscreen to protect the skin’s youthfulness which is obviously good-to-have. The half-moon brush is made with natural bristles.

CHANEL les beiges

How to Use | This powder can be used in various ways:

  • For a light result, apply with the half-moon brush. Make large sweeping movements over the entire face, from the center outwards.
  • To sculpt prominent areas, use the tip of the half-moon brush. Sweep over the top of the forehead, the chin and the bridge of the nose.
  • On its own, the powder offers a natural complexion. Over foundation, it adds a touch of radiance.

Price | This powder can be purchased from £44.50 from Notino.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder SwatchIMG_1929

Overall Thoughts | This is one of my top favourite face powders and honestly I do not have many faves so it speaks volumes! With this powder you can choose a tone-on-tone shade or a slightly more intense shade than the skin tone for a sun-kissed effect. I chose a shade darker so I can add a bit of warmth to my complexion and can wear this on its own when I don’t want to wear any foundation. I am so impressed with the shade No 30 for my medium skin tone and the powder is fab even on dry skin. Sun protection is an added advantage with this sheer powder. I HIGHLY recommend getting this one.

Until next time

Ash xo

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, luxury beauty products new very addicting! I have a Dior and Marc Jacobs pressed powders and both are my favourites! I haven’t tried Chanel, I want to but it’s so pricey. 🙁

    1. Its totally worth it Shireen. It gives a beautiful healthy glow to the skin which we mid age women definitely look for in their makeup x

  2. Looks amazing and the shade is perfect, I thought it looked orange but when blended it great!! And how beautiful is the packaging!


    1. I purposefully got a shade darker as its a sheer powder and darker shade look better on medium skin then going a shade lighter if by chance exact shade is not available. As i chose a shade darker, it works as a light bronzer too but i love this more for the gorgeous healthy glow it gives to the skin.

  3. Looks amazing and the shade is perfect, I thought it looked orange but when blended it looks great!! And how beautiful is the packaging!


  4. This is so gorgeous…from Packaging to the powder itself- Absolutely Beautiful!!

  5. This is such a great product, I do own this and love it. Your review perfectly explains how amazing this product is, love your shots.

  6. This powder looks really amazing from texture to packaging and then how gorgeous it looks on skin.

    Claire xx

  7. I like that this can be used as a bronzer if bought in a shade or two darker. It looks pretty and obviously luxurious.

  8. jenniferpickering22gmailcom

    23 October 2017 at 5:17 PM

    This face powder sounds absolutely amazing! I want to try!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  9. Wow.. This seems to be an amazing product.. How I wish these were available in India..

  10. Luxury products for me are very special. I’ve always wanted to try something from Chanel. This looks lovely! Xx

    Toni | sheergloss

  11. Looks great as a finishing one… Chanel has one of the best luxurious line up!

  12. Oh man, another product I didn’t know I “needed”. Hahaha. I love everything Chanel and have only allowed myself to buy a few products so far. Because I know that is a dangerous area!!! But this product sounds really lovely. I might have to add it to my wishlist for when I run out of powder!


  13. It looks like such a gorgeous product! I don’t usually purchase luxury products but I may make an exception for this one!

  14. I am such an addict to luxury beauty products and I really loved the colour after I saw the swatch such a beautiful peachy tone.


  15. Thank you so much for sharing this. Do you think this will work ideal as just a translucent powder?

    1. It does ujust like you can use Mac powder foundations as setting powders but you won’t get a matte finish with this. It gives a healthy glow too which all Chanel products provide.

  16. Perfect with the sun protection!!!! Love the layout too!!

  17. Les Beige is a powder I really wanna try out – heard so much good about it

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