Best Nail Paints for minimalists – Is red a new neutral?

I know minimalists prefer minimal aesthetics, natural-looking makeup, and when it comes to nails, they like to go for neutral shades. Neutrals go with every outfit and never clash with colors and that is why they’re my absolute faves too! However, back in the days, neutrals were just nude tones but now there is a full spectrum of colours within neutrals and they’re anything but boring! Neutrals are chic, understated and if they’re closer to your skin tone, they even elongate your nails. You don’t want mannequin hands either therefore don’t try to match your nail paint with your skin color exactly. Finding a neutral shade that works with your skin tone is easier than ever!

“If you are a warm undertone, warm nude shades are going to be super complementary to your undertone. If you are a cool undertone, cooler nudes are going to be more complementary. For those with neutral undertones, you can really get away with wearing it all,” says OPI’s North America Education Manager, Sigourney Nuñez.

While rosy beiges look amazing on dark skin tones, pale cream shades look absolutely stunning on medium skin tone. Nail Polish in Topless & Barefoot is the classic nude shade from Essie – an ivory beige nail polish with a dash of pink that is the perfect mix of beige and cream, making it the ideal nude for fair skin tones.

While neutrals are every minimalist’s favourite, reds are also on top of their list and for all good reasons! Red is that classic shade that works with anything and everything! Whether it is a red carpet event or a brunch with a friend, red works for every occasion. If you do not know already, every French woman prefers red nail varnish over any other color! Like nudes, reds have its own rainbow of shades too so there’s a red for everyone!

A-list from Essie is a gorgeous blue tone red that works with any outfit and will get you compliments.This ruby red shade gives a rich contrast to fair skin tones. Nothing looks better on a medium to olive skin tone than a bright poppy red with orange undertones. Dark skin tones look absolutely stunning in wine shades so Bordeaux from Essie makes a lovely match.

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  1. I love those colours!! And I consider red a neutral.

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