Zadig & Voltaire – This is Really Him! This is Really Her!

The renowned French house Zadig & Voltaire has introduced an exciting dual release for both men and women: This Is Really Her! and This Is Really Him!

This is really Her!

I’m a huge fan of the OG This is Her!, a creamy lactonic woody blend. So, when I heard that Zadig & Voltaire released a flanker, I knew I had to add it to my collection. This flanker, This is really Her! Eau de Parfum Intense, surprised me—it’s not just an intensified version of the OG, but a completely new fragrance altogether.

  • Top notes: Pink Pepper and Basil
  • Heart notes: Rose and Chestnut
  • Base notes: Honey, Patchouli and Vanilla

What a delightful spicy rose with a hint of creamy gourmand touch! This fragrance begins with a lively blend of pink pepper and basil, offering a spicy and herbaceous introduction. At its heart, a beautiful bouquet of rose petals intertwines with the comforting warmth of chestnut, adding depth and richness to the composition. As it evolves, the scent transforms into a creamy gourmand delight, with notes of honey and vanilla, perfectly complemented by the earthy richness of patchouli. The journey concludes with a luxurious and sensual drydown, featuring a harmonious blend of woody notes and amber, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and sophistication.

It’s perfect for both day and night, whether it’s spring, fall, or winter. Though it does require some retouching throughout the day, it’s such a lovely blend that I don’t mind respraying.

This is really Him!

This is really Him! is a fresher take on the OG This is Him! Making it a bit more on the cologne side. This fragrance smells light but rich at the same time, One thing to notice is that This is really Him! Is EDT intense while This is really Her! Is a EDP Intense.

  • Top notes: Lemon and Graperfuit
  • Heart notes: Metallic notes and Orange Blossom
  • Base notes: Amberwood and Palo Santo

The blend is quite fresh and nice with a zesty burst of lemon and grapefruit in the opening, evoking freshness and vibrancy. As it settles, metallic notes intertwine with the delicate sweetness of orange blossom, creating an intriguing heart. Finally, the scent deepens with the warmth of amberwood and the earthy richness of Palo Santo, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and allure.

It has a moderate performance on my husband’s skin. It has a projection of about an arm’s length for the first hour and then becomes skin scent.

This Is Really Her! comes in sizes of 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml of Eau de Parfum, whereas This Is Really Him! is offered in 50ml and 100ml sizes of Eau de Toilette on The Perfume Shop website and stores in the UK.

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