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Topshop gleam glow pot

Hello Babes,

As you all know, highlighters can make or break your look. Highlighting your high points where light hits naturally on face can make a huge difference to your makeup. And yeah this results in great pictures/ selfies too 🙂 .

However, highlighting imperfections can instantly break your look. Highlighters are meant for highlighting your features and to fake that glow which many of us don’t have naturally. They give that extra oomph to our face , that freshness and glow which most of us dream of!

Anyways, I have been watching this tiny Topshop highlighter in many YouTube videos and blogs. It looked so beautiful in pictures so I had to get it! This was my first Topshop beauty purchase and I fell in love with it ever since I bought it. Its been quite a few months now so I have tested this enough and can finally provide my reviews.


First of all, let’s talk about packaging. How cute this tiny frosted glass pot is! The lid is white with black text like all other Topshop beauty products. And the font is just so cute and simple. The asterisk * on the sides of the lid makes it super cute 🙂

Topshop glow pot - gleam

Topshop glow pot


The formula is like a creamy mousse which is very easy to apply and blends like a dream. The best way to apply this highlighter is with your fingers as there is more control over product. To date, this is the best creamy highlighter I have ever used.

Topshop glow pot - formula

Topshop glow pot texture and formula


This is in shade Gleam which looks like a bronze shade in the pot but comes as a Champagne / opal color / antique gold on the skin. Originally I wanted the shade Polished which is more of a white highlighter in the pot and comes as a pearly pink on the skin. Polished is mostly out of stock online so I thought I will give Gleam a go. I am glad I bought Gleam as this is the perfect champagne and gold-ish radiance highlighter for Asian/medium/olive skin tones. I have inserted pics with and without flash for you to see how gorgeous this looks on my skin.

Topshop glow pot - antique gold radiance

Topshop glow pot
Topshop glow pot swatch (ignore the lipstick swatch underneath) . This gleam glow pot by Topshop is my holy grail highlighter 🙂


Price and Quantity

This highlighter pots has 4g of product and retails for £9 in the UK. I know 4g is not much but you need just a teeny tiny amount on high points of your face. This little pot will last for long time even if you use it daily.

I bought mine from and they ship internationally as well. If you have a Topshop store in your country, you can buy it from there. You can also buy it from

Overall rating 4.9/5



This has become my holy grail highlighter and may be one of the best purchases from last year. I am ordering another backup as I am pretty sure I am going to freak out once i start hitting bottom of the pot. Let me know about your favourite highlighters in the comment section down below.

Lots of love , Akanksha (Ash) ♥♥♥
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