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Secret Santa Gifts
Secret Santa Gifts

We often get sucked into marketing deals and buy gifts without thinking much if they will be practical and useful or not. This Christmas, show how much you care, just how considerate and thoughtful you are with gifts for him and presents for her. This post will hopefully give you some gifting inspiration.

Gift of Wellness – Lola’s Apothecary Golden Decadence Collection gift set is for the sophisticated beauty guru in your life who reveres the golden wonders of body oil. This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys a luxurious Spa experience. This set contains Lola’s Apothecary’s 5 bestselling body and massage oil bottles in full size plus relaxing & energizing wellness tea to compliment.

Delicate Romance Balancing Body & Massage Oil 100ml
Sweet Lullaby Soothing Body & Massage Oil 100ml
Divine Grace Regenerative Body & Massage Oil 100ml
Monsoon Paradise Illuminating Body & Massage Oil 100ml
Breath of Clarity Uplifting Body & Massage Oil

The massage oils are beautifully presented in the brand’s majestic gift box with its minimalist exterior & striking interior. This is also a great gift for yourself, Christmas Dinner Host, new mums, or loved ones.

Luxury 3 Wick Candle – Candle lovers and home decor lovers would enjoy NEOM’s ‘Real Luxury’ 3-wick scented candle. The candle is infused with a totally natural fragrance, blended by experts in the field, that is released as soon as the wicks are lit. A cocktail of Lavender, Brazilian Rosewood, and Jasmine fills the air, caressing the senses and urging you to sit back and recharge after a challenging day. An impressive 50-hours of burn time is achieved thanks to the inclusion of three wicks, allowing you to enjoy the aroma for as long as possible.

Travel Coffee Mug– As most of us are working from home this year and for some time next year, we want to be as efficient as we can. Getting up from your work desk frequently to warm up your coffee is the last thing we would like to do! Keep your morning moment or afternoon pick-me-up warm for hours with the Corkcicle Mug. Whether you prefer a coffee, cocoa, or chamomile tea, it ensures that your favorite hot beverage stays toasty for up to three hours. I am a huge fan of this brand have been using their flask bottles for a long time now. This new coffee mug is a great addition to my desk essentials!

Temple Spa Absolute Truffle – The Crème De La Crème Skin Collection – This year I discovered a gorgeous spa brand – Temple Spa which is offering some stunning gift sets at various price points for Christmas. Take your skincare regime to a whole new level with this uber-luxe collection of award-winners. Black summer truffles, champagne, cocoa, and strawberry extract all rich in antioxidants combine with miracle peptides and clever ingredients that together deliver results. This luxurious set from a spa brand would be so loved by the recipient.

Gift for New Mums – Parenting can be stressful and the body can get tense and weary especially for new mums. She can soak away the stresses with these refreshing & restoring mineral-rich bath salts will leave her feeling oh so relaxed. Enriched with the regenerative extract of laminaria plus a relaxing blend of aromatic Mediterranean essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary & thyme, and uplifting bergamot & grapefruit to warm & ease overworked limbs and help clear the mind, This is something every parent will adore! This gift set is also perfect for Christmas Dinner Hosts as a relaxing bath is what we all need after a long tiring day.

Gift for Busy Women – We all know new Mums do not get much time to get ready and styling hair is the last thing on their list really! Hairstyling also takes a back seat due to the time it requires especially if you have long hair. Turbo tong Curling Wand is the largest hair tong with an arm on the UK market. The extra-long barrel allows more hair to be tonged in one go and creates even and loose beach waves.

The tong reaches its maximum heat in just 30 seconds and can be adjusted at preference from 60°C-230°C. The ceramic coating emits negative ions for a smooth, shiny finish and the aluminum barrel with natural oxidization makes it durable for professional use. Turbo Tong Curling Wand is such a clever gift idea for anyone who likes to dress up but wants to do their hair as quickly as possible. This is the longest curling wand I have ever seen and certainly the quickest to curl my long thick hair. As a new mum, I highly recommend checking this bad boy out for yourself or for a loved one.

Fitness Essentials – We all indulge in sweets, chocolates, and cakes over Christmas. The amount of food we eat during the festive period takes a toll on our bodies and the first thing that losing those extra inches becomes our new year resolution. Fitness essentials also are a great gift, especially for your health-conscious friends. JimBag’s barrel bag makes a lovely gift option. It is a lightweight bag with secure zips and sturdy handles making it perfect for the gym or as a weekend bag.

Gift of good health – We often neglect our health and suffer from various skin as well as hair issues. Using different skin and hair products are not as effective as fixing the issue from within. Food supplements are a great way to address the problem and boost our skin and hair health. The Beauty Chef’s Glow & Gutsy Collagen duo is designed to work synergistically to give the gift of glowing skin. Beautifully boxed, this hard-working pair plumps, renews, and nourishes the skin—promoting collagen synthesis while also nurturing your belly for improved gut health.

Good hair is as much important as good skin. The hair growth cycle occurs naturally but disruptors such as heated styling tools, poor nutrition, stress, and allergens can all have a detrimental effect on the amount of time hair stays in the growth phase. Ageing and genetics do also have a part to play in hair loss, and although these are not things we can control, we can still support hair with products to make sure it stays as healthy as possible when faced with these factors. Hair Burst products support your hair from the inside-out. Containing key ingredients for hair health such as Biotin and Zinc alongside essential vitamins and minerals, they encourage healthy hair growth from within by supporting nutritional deficiencies.

Gift of staying clean & safe – We are now living in times where cleansing and sanitizing are essential. Gifts like cleansing gels, Hand Sanitizers are happily received as they are not for passing on to others but everyone likes to use them too. Purdy & Figg Premium Hand Sanitizer Sprays are great as gifts. These are useful yet look very posh. They’re clinically proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and keeps your hands soft as well as clean. The sanitizer sprays have a no-rinse, quick-drying formula that contains over 70% alcohol.

Oxfam charitable gift cards

Gifting those who have everything | Making a difference – You may make a life-changing difference with Oxfam Unwrapped charity gift cards. From poverty-busting pigs to providing clean, safe water for communities, each gift provides hope where it’s needed most and helps people beat poverty for good.

Hope you like the ideas. Until next time, Ashh xo

*This post features gifted items. Opinions are my own and unbiased.

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