NEW Voyage À Paris from Fragrance du Bois

NEW Voyage À Paris from Fragrance du Bois - That September Muse

Celebrating a decade of Fragrance Du Bois and reflecting on the journey it has undertaken pays homage to the brand’s origins in Paris, known as the city of love and a global fashion capital. Paris, with its alluring and sophisticated atmosphere, has been a significant influence. The luxury fragrance house launched a new fragrance, Voyage À Paris to celebrate this journey of making beautiful perfumes.

NEW Voyage À Paris from Fragrance du Bois - That September Muse
Fragrance du Bois - That September Muse

Fragrance du Bois’ Voyage À Paris, a graceful Parisian Gourmand perfume, encapsulates the essence of the distinctive French style seen on catwalks and in glossy fashion magazines. We know French style is very fashionable, looking put-together without trying too hard. This fragrant journey embraces the intoxicating patisseries, luxurious boutiques, and couture houses along the renowned Rue Saint-Honoré, exuding a rich veil of prestige ingredients that exude style and charm.

The double entendre of Voyage invites interpretation, symbolizing both a decade of fragrance creations and the global journey the brand has embarked on. It encapsulates the brand’s journey over the past decade in creating fragrances and its global expansion and impact since its inception in Paris.

NEW Voyage À Paris from Fragrance du Bois - That September Muse
NEW Voyage À Paris from Fragrance du Bois - That September Muse

Top Notes

Rum, Orange Blossom, Tagete

Middle Notes

Jasmine, Honey, Davana

Base Notes

Oud, Vanilla, Oak Fusion

In my perception, the initial impression is robust with floral tones, particularly the vibrant notes of orange blossom and jasmine, accompanied by a delightful touch of sweetness. As the fragrance evolves during the drydown, the nuances of honey, vanilla, and the subtle waning of booziness become more pronounced. There is a nutty, cozy sweetness with a slight green touch. Surprisingly, the presence of Oud remains quite elusive. It is a modern, wearable gourmand that is not too much on your face, has a soft trail, and stays on the skin for hours.

The boozy woodiness is well blended with the elegant florals. While the opening may lean slightly towards a more feminine character, I find that it effortlessly settles into a perfectly balanced unisex fragrance as it continues to develop. In summary, this is undeniably a delightful scent.

It’s a fragrance with remarkable versatility, seamlessly fitting into any occasion. Honestly, it’s a bit addictive and consistently receives compliments. Voyage À Paris exudes an irresistibly Parisian-chic charm, effortlessly embodies elegance, and remains perpetually classic.

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*This article features a press sample. All opinions are my own and unbiased.

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