Maybelline color tattoo on and on bronze

Maybelline color tattoo - On and on bronze
Maybelline color tattoo - On and on bronze
Maybelline color tattoo – On and on bronze

Hello loves,

Hope you’re well. Since so many of you ask on my Instagram about this Maybelline color tattoo in shade ‘on and on bronze’, I thought it would be a great idea to share my views.

Maybelline released quite a good range of their metallic gel-cream eyeshadows out of which this is my favourite. That’s due to its shade. I love a neutral eyeshadow which gives a lift to my eyes without making them look too bold.

The packaging looks and feels like a glass pot with screw on black lid just like Mac paint pots. These pots contain 4 gms of product but the packaging makes it look like it has quite a lot and that’s entirely due to magnifying glass at the bottom (Clever, huh? )

Maybelline color tattoo - On and on bronze
Maybelline color tattoo – On and on bronze (p.s. kindly ignore my nails )

The formula is gel/cream which blends like a dream and stays for fairly good 10-12 hours without a primer and definitely more than that with a good eye primer. I wore it at the max 14 hours when I had to travel and had a really long day. I usually do not wear makeup for that long and it is not advisable as well. So, I can not tell you if it stays for 24 hours as it claims or not.

The shade on- and on bronze complements Asian/Olive/Indian/Pakistani/medium skin tones very well. You can layer it up and use it like a full on mono eyeshadow or use it as a base under a powder eyeshadow. You can even use it as a gel eyeliner. I do like to experiment with my makeup so I tried it as a liner and it works well.

This costs just £4.99 in the UK and can be purchased from or and these are usually on some offer like 3 for 2 or buy 1 get 2nd half price 🙂

Maybelline color tattoo - On and on bronze
Maybelline color tattoo – On and on bronze swatches

Rating: 4.7/5

I highly recommend this as these are a close dupe for Mac paint pots <3 Their Metallic Pomegranate, Rose gold and Eternal Gold are on my wishlist 🙂 What shades do you recommend me to try next? Let me know in the comments section.

Until next time, lots of love!

-Akanksha (Ash) ♥♥♥


  1. Great post hun! I love this one too! I got this one first and then a few others followed and to this day, if I have a fancy do to go to I will reach for this first. 🙂
    Sal UmmBabyBeauty

    1. Thanks my dear Sal for reading this and taking time to comment. You are such a sweetheart ♥
      The pomegranate one I see mostly in your pics would be my next color tattoo for sure. I am not liking their matte ones though. I hardly use my creamy beige one. its too drying for me. Do let me know how u make use of yours, I saw you are hitting pan/pot on that matte eyeshadow. Love you ♡

  2. I really like the maybelline color tattoos! I have two of them! Nice review:)

    1. Thanks Sam. I like the metallic ones. I don’t know why but the matte ones never worked for me..I feel they are very drying for my eyelids. what do u think of matte color tattoos by Maybelline?

  3. I love this maybelline color tattoos. Great review.

    1. Thanks love. Glad you liked it!

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