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Oudh 36 by Al Haramain - Ms Tantrum Blog

Last month I discovered Oudh 36 – A Unisex Fragrance from Al Haramain. I saw this one on YouTube first and thought it would be an Oud fragrance but Oud was not listed in its Notes which made me even more intrigued. This fragrance is from a Middle Eastern Designer Brand – Al Haramain, and this is a beautiful blend of dry and smooth notes.

Walk in the botany with flora all around. Swim in that freshness and relax for a while. Oudh 36 is all you want to be called as pure. Pure in its ingredients and pure in freshness you adorn. This masterpiece welcomes you with Geranium & Ylang Ylang. Crafted with the sweetness of Rose & Patchouli with a smooth depth of Amber & Labdanum. Come! Take this corsage in your hand. 

Oudh 36 by Al Haramain - Ms Tantrum Blog


The packaging of this fragrance is very luxurious. The bottle comes encased in a velvet box. The bottle is made of heavy glass and has a wooden lid. The lid has a very strong magnet which gives it even heavier feel to it. The sprayer is pretty decent and distributes fragrance evenly. The bottle shape looks like the shape of a UFO :).

Oudh 36 is a fragrance that warms to you. Diligently crafted using the finest of perfume ingredients: Oudh, Amber, Patchouli. A magnificent & luxurious blend reserved for your special occasions.

Fragrance Notes

Top Note: Geranium, Cistus, Ylang Ylang
Middle Note: Rose, Patchouli, Cedarwood
Base Note: Labdanum, Amber, Benzoin 

Oudh 36 by Al Haramain - Ms Tantrum Blog

This is not a traditional heavy on Oud fragrance. This is more of a widely acceptable soft oud blend here. Amber is really beautiful here. Rose sure does its magic here making the fragrance more unisex in my opinion.

Sillage & Longevity

The projection is moderate for me. When I first spray it, it is like a burst of oriental spicy notes for me but it settles down pretty quickly and is not overwhelming for anyone around me. Longevity is pretty amazing. I like to spritz about a couple of sprays on my clothes which makes me smell good for many hours.

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Final Thoughts

This is a wearable Oud fragrance for both men and women. There is a perfect balance between dry and smooth notes. The fragrance has a touch of rose, amber, and ylang-ylang. Patchouli is easily spotted too and the blend is beautiful and potent. The opening is strong but not overwhelming to the nose. Longevity is incredible and it lasts for many hours on my skin and clothes.

This fragrance was gifted to me by Notino UK. Opinions are my own and unbiased.


  1. jenniferpickering22gmailcom

    18 November 2019 at 1:28 PM

    I love the packaging!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Ive never heard of this but I need to try this out!


  3. The packaging is so nice on this too!

  4. Never seen this fragrance before!!

  5. Interesting that it doesn’t include oud. I love that is has cedarwood though.

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