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Gucci Oud fragrance - Ms Tantrum Blog

I have started developing a strong love for Gucci fragrances. It all started with Gucci Bloom couple of years ago and then I added Bloom to my collection which is a beautiful floral fragrance – a perfect choice for Spring & Summer. I recently added Gucci Oud to my ever growing perfume stash and its a gorgeous oriental woody rich winter scent shared by both genders.

It is said that this fragrance is a new version of Gucci by Gucci from 2007 following the trend of Oud Orientals. Gucci Oud came out in July 2014 and is mysterious, opulent and glamorous.

Inspired by exotic voyages from a time past, Gucci Oud is an opulent, new scent. Crafted from a reimagined blend of traditional Eastern ingredients, the modern unisex fragrance is rich, sensual – and unmistakably Gucci.

Gucci Oud fragrance - Ms Tantrum Blog


Its black flacon looks quite luxurious, and besides its gold lid, it also features a practical disc pendant with Gucci engraved and a horse shoe style embellishment.


Top Note
Pear, Raspberry, Saffron
Heart Note
Bulgarian Rose, Orange Flower
Base Note
Natural Oud Oil, Patchouli

The composition of Gucci Oud contains essence of Oud from Laos – 100% natural. The opening accords include pear, raspberry while the heard opens at Bulgarian rose and orange flower. Natural Oud Oil and Patchouli notes are followed at base. Gucci Oud eau de parfum boasts its 100% natural ingredients such as raspberries, saffron, and pears. A refreshing as well as intensive intoxication to make you feel absolutely free and sensual. Discover your hidden possibilities thanks to this aromatic essence.

The Oud doesn’t feel the center or the main accord as it seemed to be enveloped by some other dark rich accords but nonetheless, it is a beautiful composition and would be enjoyed by anyone who loves Arabian style of fragrances.

Gucci Oud fragrance - Ms Tantrum Blog


This fragrance has strong intensity and has moderate to high longevity depending on your skin. One or two spritz will help you get noticed but anything more than that, you will turn heads. It is a very strong/ powerful fragrance.


The fragrance comes in 50ml and 75ml bottles and can be purchased from Notino.

Gucci Oud fragrance - Ms Tantrum Blog

Overall thoughts

This is an incredible fragrance for special occasions particularly formal settings and I wouldn’t wear it casually. This is an expensive smelling fragrance so would suit expensive dinner kind of situations. The fragrance is very dark, intense syrupy kind and if you spritz on your skin, you will find the oil glistening. This is an evening fragrance for colder weather. Gucci Oud can be worn by both men and women. For a man, you need to be okay with fruity and floral fragrances but not too over the top to be able to like this fragrance. For a woman, this fragrance is perfect if you have lot of confidence and are looking glamorous as well as powerful that evening. I think the fragrance is really well made and is worth trying if you love moderately intense fragrances.

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  1. jenniferpickering22gmailcom

    26 November 2018 at 1:16 PM

    The packaging is so sleek! I like the top and heart notes but not sure I’d like the base notes!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Sounds amazing! I love oud based fragrances!

  3. I am going to have to buy this perfume!!!

  4. The beautiful range of luxury perfumes and its wonderful packaging is so attractive. In love with these fragrances

  5. thefashionableaccountant

    26 November 2018 at 5:18 PM

    Gucci is one of my fave designer brands!! I actually dont have any Gucci perfume, and I need to put it on my xmas wishlist!!

  6. Wow .. I really love the packing and it’s time to have this perfume… thanks for bringing this

  7. Goes without saying that I love it’s packaging. But more than that I love the fact that it is an expensive fragrance which ought to be worn for expensive outings.

  8. Definitely one of its kind of unique fragrance coming from a top notch brand. Would love wearing it in grand settings

  9. I really need to get this one, as Gucci always comes in my favourite list

  10. if its Gucci, it’s my favorite!! This one has been in my kit since its launch!

  11. Amazing and beautiful post. Gucci is the trusted brand. Gucci Oud eau de parfum fragrance is so pleasant. The packaging of the perfume is so classy and elegant. Great thoughts.

  12. I loved the packaging of the fragrance it’s so classy and elegant. Gucci is one of my favorite brand.

  13. the packing is so pretty and a class apart. Gucci is a great brand and I will have to check out this soon.

  14. This looks like must have in wardrobe. The packaging looks beautiful and Offcourse when it’s from Gucci’s who can ignore it. The fragrance sounds incredible to make one stands out in a party.

  15. Finally a perfume which is unisex. Normally brands create different fragrances for males and females but now as Gucci has launched unisex perfume other brands will follow.

  16. This looks amazing! I really want to smell it! Thanks for sharing <3

  17. oudh fragrances always go well both for men and women.

  18. Omg that is such a pretty bag loving it ❣

  19. Fragrances are such good gifts! I always love to get one

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