Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme Intense

In the past, Dolce & Gabbana had a frosted Pour Femme bottle and when Pour Femme Intense was released, it was expected to be an exact copy of the original one but in an intense form in terms of performance. The intense version came out with a twist and some of the notes from original were gone. The original version came out in 2012 and the Intense version came out in 2013.

Packaging: This fragrance comes in a rectangular deep red glass bottle with a velvet card box representing a velvety touch to the fragrance. Looking at the colour of the bottle, it will give red velvet vibes. A colour you will associate with intense love and intense passion. It is sometimes the colour of the fragrance bottle that indicates if the fragrance is for summer or for winter. It also gives an idea about the type of fragrance like Alien perfume gives mysterious yet magical attractive vibes.

Notes Breakdown:

Top Notes: Tangerine, Neroli

Middle Notes: Tuberose, Orange tree Blossom

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Marshmallow

Fragrance Category – Oriental, Floral

Pour Femme was a burst of raspberry marshmallow and vanilla in the beginning and then the woody notes of sandalwood and florals come to play. But the intense version is more sophisticated. The notes are trimmed down. The raspberry and vanilla are gone from the top notes. The woody notes dominate and then you also smell citrus notes in the background. It is more like a marshmallow with florals – tuberose, orange blossom and sandalwood. It is nice for night time, sensual, sophisticated scent.

I can tell there are florals in the fragrance but they are not overwhelming. The floral notes play a background supporting role in the fragrance.

It is uber-feminine and is a surprize from Dolce & Gabbana as they don’t usually do Gourmand scents. But this smells very sophisticated sweet if that makes sense. If you like gourmand fragrances, you will enjoy wearing Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme Intense. Marshmallow sets a tone and character of the fragrance and makes it slightly playful but in a sophisticated way. This is a pleasant but irresistible Grownup gourmand fragrance perfect for cold evenings.

*This fragrance was gifted to me by Notino. Opinions are my own and unbiased.


  1. That looks like such a beautiful scent!


  2. jenniferpickering22gmailcom

    16 January 2020 at 1:17 PM

    Tangerine and orange blossom sound wonderful!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  3. I love perfumes that have a mild fragrance, also something citrusy and sometimes woody.
    This perfume sounds great, too!

  4. the combination does seems intriguing i’ll certainly try it out. citrus and woody notes are my fav i always look for it in my perfumes. i’ve been trying to find something similar to Armani Code. i hope this one works for me.

  5. Wow! Tangerine and Neroli are fantastic fragrances. This sounds like a wonderful perfume. I enjoy collecting perfume bottles, especially miniatures. 🙂 I quite like this packaging!

  6. It’s interesting to know that the perfume could have the scent of marshmallow. I am always fascinated by the different layers that a perfume is made up of. This one does sound very feminine. Sweet and citrusy at the same time.

  7. I have used Dolce & Gabbana perfume years ago. Dont remember the fragrance now. Pour Femme Intense sounds chic. I am keen to check out its sophisticated sweet smell. Love its bottle packaging.

  8. Great post Ashh. Would love to collaborate for a similar post . let me know.

    Good content. Keep it up..

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